Rittal Introduces AX/KX Wall Mount Enclosures

Rittal introduced the AX / KX wall mount enclosures. The latest additions to the Rittal enclosure portfolio offer opportunities for value creation.

Panels can be removed individually and there is no need for disassembly work. The wall mounting bracket can be screwed into place from the outside of enclosure without impacting its protection rating.

The AX / KX solution is designed for maximum space availability. The AX, now with larger gland plates, creates more space for cables. In addition, integrated locators enable incorporation of the interior installation rails. These rails also support dynamic loads seen in many industrial environments.

When components are installed in the AX / KX enclosure, UL protection category is maintained without restrictions.

AX / KX enclosures are available in a range of dimensions along with a range of standard accessories. AX sizes vary starting as small as 12 inches by 12 inches, up to 55-inches high or 48-inches wide, in depths between 8 and 16 inches. KX enclosures are 6 inches deep or less, with heights and widths between 6 and 32 inches.

Rittal provides support for the entire value chain in production of panels and switchgear, from engineering to ordering to automation. Its digital product twin delivers data for the entire design, configuration and manufacturing process. QR codes which are located on all components allow all parts to be identified and assigned.

The Rittal Configuration System now includes AX / KX and allows the configuration of enclosures, accessories and modifications. Moreover, an automatic plausibility check helps prevent erroneous choices. The configuration data can also be uploaded to EPLAN software engineering software, and therefore used for downstream tasks, complete with any modifications.

For more information, visit Rittal website.

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