PAC Introduces OptiPMD Micro-Distillation Analyzer

PAC introduces OptiPMD, ISL’s version of its micro-distillation analyzer. OptiPMD follows ASTM D7345, which is approved in more than 10 fuel specifications, including gasoline with up to 20% ethanol, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene and bio-diesels. OptiPMD performs a physical atmospheric distillation in 10 minutes using 10 ml of sample.

OptiPMD is designed to be a true “one-push-button” solution, with a fully automated test sequence, for minimal operator attendance. Users prepare the sample and load into the analyzer, type in a sample ID, select it from the pre-loaded options, or scan it with the barcode reader. The results can be stored, printed or shared via ethernet, LIMS or with a USB drive.

OptiPMD’s design and size makes it suitable for mobile lab applications. It also includes safety standards including an optical flame detector, a built-in fire suppression system, and quality control functions, which allow users to enter specification limits by product.

OptiPMD is compliant with: ASTM D7345, IP 596 and in correlation to: ASTM D86, D1160 (biodiesel B100), ISO 3405 & IP123. It’s also included in 10 ASTM fuel specifications as an alternative to D86 for product certification and compliant with international fuel specs in Canada, Mexico, Chile, India as well as Def Stan 91-091 for jet fuel.

For more information, visit PAC website.

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