OES Introduces XYR-01-01, XYR-01-02 Alignment Stages

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has introduced two XYR (Theta) Alignment Stages that offer precision and repeatability for industrial, medical, semiconductor, research, and laboratory applications. The XYR-01-01 and XYR-01-02 Alignment Stages (XYR-01-02 is pictured ) features ±7.5 mm of  travel in the X and Y axes and ±180O of rotation (theta).

The XYR-01-01 and XYR-01-02 Alignment Stages feature linear resolutions of the X and Y axis of 0.25µ(micro-steps per step motor driver in use); the repeatability of each is 1.5µ, positional accuracy is 5µ, and backlash is 2µ. The 1 mm per-turn ground lead screws and preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings adds to the high precision and stiffness of these alignment stages.

The 60 mm diameter theta stage of the XYR-01-01 is driven by a 90:1 precision worm gear and the 100 mm diameter theta stage of the XYR-01-02  is driven by a 180:1 worm gear. The resolutions of each of the theta stages is 0.001O (Micro-steps per Step motor driver in use).  Repeatability is 0.005O, positional Accuracy is 0.001O and backlash is 0.005O.

Two-phase stepper motors are standard and a knob for manual adjustments of each axis can be replaced with an incremental encoder for position verification, or with a servo motor and encoder for closed loop operation. These black anodized Aluminum XY-Theta stages are integrated into new or existing systems. Compatible Motion Controllers are available from OES and the XYR-01 -01 and 02 Alignment Stages can also be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system.

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