MakeTime Launches Network Pricing for CNC Machining

Pricing in manufacturing and the search for the true economic cost of a machined part has been a challenge for manufacturers as long standing as the industry itself. According to recent studies, the existing pricing process results in cost discrepancies of up to 10X for an identical product (or part), depending on the company making it. Receiving a price typically takes days or weeks. Kentucky-based startup MakeTime launched their solution today: Network Pricing.

MakeTime’s Network Pricing instantly generates a budgetary price for machined parts, based on pricing data amassed from across the manufacturing landscape.

Having built America’s largest distributed manufacturing network, MakeTime has an unprecedented view into details that make transactions happen. Using over 40 million unique data points with advanced machine learning techniques, MakeTime has formulated algorithms to instantly generate a price range for any machined part.

As the founders of the “online machining revolution,” MakeTime’s focus is on making the disruptive technology of today — like machine learning, AI, IoT and cloud computing — accessible to US manufacturers of all sizes and industries.

About MakeTime

MakeTime is the easiest way to source CNC machined parts. Powered by data and the nation’s largest network of qualified and connected suppliers, MakeTime radically compresses the manufacturing timeline, creating a reliable path to CNC machining production that is fast, intuitive and cost-competitive.

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