Leica MSS420 Dredging Sensor Launched for Marine Applications

Leica Geosystems has announced the launch of the Leica MSS420 Dredging Sensor for marine applications. The new sensors benefit customers in offshore applications, ensuring speed, performance, precision and productivity (SP).

VG Entreprenør, a construction company with expertise in all types of coastal area projects, started working on a project for the extension Esbjerg port, Denmark, with a new urban area and marina using the new sensor.

Leica MSS420

Resilience and flexibility for more productive dredging jobs

Reinforced components such as special water tight connectors, rugged cabling, robust sensor housing and stainless-steel brackets make the sensor usable down to 40 metres at 4 bar pressure. In addition, the MSS420 sensor can be programmed to boom 1, boom 2, stick, bucket and even tilt sensor. This makes the changing of sensors simple, even for less experienced operators on the construction site.

High precision attainable at any speed

Inertial measurement technology incorporated in the sensors and combined with gyroscopes and accelerometers offers responsive sensor technology on the market to improve digging accuracy and increase the operator’s overall speed in completing the work. The solution significantly enhances performance, reduces the costly rework and increases uptime during poor GNSS coverage.

For more information about Leica MSS420 Dredging Sensor, please visit leica-geosystems.com/mss400.

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