Kubotek3D Announces KeyCreator 2022

MARLBOROUGH, MA, Oct 19, 2021 – Kubotek3D, a leading supply chain software provider, today announced the availability of the 2022 release of the KeyCreator CAD software product line at the Eastec 2021 trade show. The 2022 KeyCreator release provides productivity enhancements to various functions and extensive updates to CAD translators for maintenance customers. With the 2022 release, the KeyCreator product line has been expanded. The original KeyCreator product, launched in 2004 after Kubotek acquired CADKEY, has been renamed KeyCreator Pro while KeyCreator Prime and KeyCreator Drafting have been added to the KeyCreator product line. The added KeyCreator products feature an all-new Microsoft Office-like user interface intended to make it easier for new users to gain proficiency for manufacturing design and drafting applications.The KeyCreator Pro product retains the KeyCreator user interface with classic pull-down menus, customizable toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts which users have consistently ranked among the easiest-to-use CAD programs. Improvements included in the 2022 release of KeyCreator Pro were focused around working with visual face properties, selection of faces and profiles, re-use of geometry in referenced parts, and creating projected drawing views. Significant performance gains were realized in reading assemblies with large numbers of part references. KeyCreator Pro 2022 continues to improve interoperability by adding a STEP AP242 export option, read of native Solid Edge drawing files, and updating eleven other translators to the latest versions.

“Expert KeyCreator users flying through designs with the original KeyCreator user interface is a beautiful thing to watch. We believe these are the fastest precise designers in the world.” said John Wright McCullough, general manager marketing for Kubotek3D.

The new KeyCreator Prime product introduced with the 2022 release provides the powerful capabilities of KeyCreator for new users through the popular Office-style user interface and proprietary DynaHandle object for direct manipulation of selected geometry. KeyCreator Prime also includes extensive context-specific pop-up menus that significantly reduce the overall number of commands for new users to learn and cut time spent moving the cursor to menus at the top of the application window or icon buttons on the edges.

“The KeyCreator Prime interface was designed to dramatically reduce effort for new and part-time users while avoiding impacts to the high level of productivity that KeyCreator is known for.” continued McCullough.

KeyCreator Drafting is a sub-set of capabilities designed specifically for CAD users who need maximum productivity creating and editing mechanical drawings. The product has a unique ability to edit CAD drawings from the most popular formats including Dassault Systems CATIA and SOLIDWORKS, Siemens Digital Industries Software NX and Solid Edge, PTC Creo, DWG/DXF, and CADKEY. The program also has full ability to read 3D data from these same programs and quickly complete detail and assembly drawings.

KeyCreator Viewer is a free program for reviewing all design data in the KeyCreator format.

All KeyCreator products remain Windows-based, locally installed, and available as both lease and permanent licenses with standalone and floating options. The KeyCreator Prime and KeyCreator Drafting products offer enhanced file import/export through the use of the Kubotek Kosmos Framework. The exact same design file format is shared by all KeyCreator products allowing teams to use any of the products together on the same project.

Trial downloads for evaluation of each KeyCreator product are available from the Kubotek3D website. An introductory offer of 25% off of KeyCreator Prime and KeyCreator Drafting is available by using the promo code “SAVEONNEWKC” in the Kubotek3D webstore. The promo code expires December 15, 2021, and is limited to customers in United States, Canada, Ireland, Norway, and United Kingdom.

About Kubotek3D

Kubotek3D empowers the supply chain with the right design information by delivering core precision 3D technologies and easy-to-use software products. This strategy allows product definition geometry, no matter where it originated, to be used to speed time to market, reduce costs and improve quality. Many of the world’s most advanced, complex aerospace component manufacturers rely on Kubotek3D to assure precise part definitions are exchanged correctly between engineering systems.

Kubotek3D is a division of Kubotek USA, Inc. with development and support staff based in Marlborough, MA. Kubotek USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Kubotek Corp. with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Kubotek Corporation software brands and trademarks include KeyCreator MfgCAD, K-Compare and K-Display multi-CAD utilities, and the Kubotek Kosmos 3D framework.

For more information, visit www.kubotek3d.com.

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