Kryon Process Discovery v19.3 Launched

Kryon has announced the release of Kryon Process Discovery version 19.3. Kryon Process Discovery 19.3 offers quicker analysis, unmatched process mapping accuracy, enhanced process insights, advanced prioritization tools and overall faster time-to-automation – keeping customers at the forefront of the enterprise automation revolution.

The benefits of Kryon Process Discovery Version 19.3 for organizations include:

  • Unmatched accuracy of process mapping:
    • Enhanced AI algorithms increase accuracy of initial process identification to 90%
    • Added additional layer of machine learning enables users to ‘train’ the robots to perfect workflows on each individual application
  • Quicker time to analyze processes:
    • 19.3 offers the ability to validate processes with a detailed list of users and exact actions performed on applications
  • Data-driven prioritization and planning of the automation journey:
    • New cost calculator showing the projected annual cost of a process
    • Increased functionality for filtering results based on statistical data
  • Unique insight into the evolution of processes:
    • Continuous analysis and monitoring of processes over time; option to navigate back to older versions for insight
  • Quicker time-to-automation:
    • Additional tools for downloading workflows into the RPA studio
  • Improved scalability and performance:
    • Multi-tenancy to allow the discovery of processes on multiple teams
    • Process identification time reduced by 50% owing to new AI functionality

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts adopted Kryon’s full-cycle automation suite, consisting of Kryon Process Discovery paired with attended and unattended automation bots, and soon realized the tremendous growth opportunity that the solution offers.

For more information about Kryon, visit website.

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