ImmersaCAD Launches vCAD Virtual Reality System

ImmersaCAD_logoKNOXVILLE, TN, Feb 16, 2017 – ImmersaCAD, a virtual reality startup, introduces vCAD, an intuitive, view-sharing CAD conversion system designed to seamlessly transfer CAD files to freely navigate inside virtual reality on mobile devices. Specially created for architects, designers, engineers and other 3D Modelers, vCAD features a patent-pending One-Touch Navigation that works to eliminate motion sickness usually felt by virtual reality users.


A model of the Baptistry in Volterra, Italy, created in Revit from laser scans created onsite. Model by Paul F. Aubin, (Photo: Business Wire)

“The vCAD virtual reality system provides a completely untethered, mobile, 3D virtual reality navigation experience, unlike anything else currently available to support CAD visualization,” said Jon Huber, chief technical officer for ImmersaCAD. “vCAD is a remarkable virtual reality product that serves the unique role of increasing collaboration between teams of creatives within the same office and those situated in completely different parts of the world.”

Ranging from $10-$50 per month, vCAD is offered at accessible price points that help large or small, students or established professionals collaborate with CAD project immersion in virtual reality.

The innovative vCAD system enables users to walk or fly through a CAD project, unlike other programs that limit the viewer to simply standing and looking around within their project. And with the vCAD spectator mode, the virtual reality experience can be displayed on any PC or Mac browser, allowing other team members and clients to see exactly what the user is seeing. The spectator mode’s view-sharing capabilities elevates collaboration by allowing team members to see and experience a VR CAD project together in real time.

ImmersaCAD’s vCAD virtual reality system is completely compatible with a variety of CAD files (from Rhino, SketchUp, and other applications) as well as native Revit files. It can also incorporate exported materials (including Lumion materials, custom Revit materials, and externally rendered images) to improve the rich visual quality of the VR experience.

“We could not be more please to put our vCAD mobile app in the hands of architects, designers and other creatives all across the world to expand the possibilities of team collaboration while also providing clients a more realistic, insightful perspective of their project,” said Huber.

The simplified CAD file conversion process is easy to use and intuitive. A free demo is offered by visiting Additionally, smartphone users can download the vCAD app to register for a free account. The app comes with four preloaded projects to experience immersive CAD visualization and One-Touch Navigation. A registered account grants access to the VR Gallery to experience hundreds of immersive VR experiences that showcase the robustness of both the navigation method and the conversion tool.

About ImmersaCAD

ImmersaCAD is virtual reality for the design professional – a simple and comprehensive system that transforms your CAD models into 3D fully navigable, immersive models in VR. The ImmersaCAD system includes a Web Application that immersifies your CAD files, cloud project management and a virtual reality app that delivers your model in immersive 3D on a Smartphone viewer. You are one click away from your project being demonstrated to your clients in compelling virtual reality.

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