igus Releases xiros 67, 68 Thin Ring Bearings

igus_logoigus has released xiros 67 and 68 thin ring bearings. For control systems on automobiles and other applications where space and weight restrictions can be problematic, xiros ball bearings from igus are available in accordance with DIN 625 for rotary controls.

PR-0117-xiros-thin-ring-bearing_buThe xiros 67 and 68 thin ring bearings are suitable for temperatures ranging from -40º – 176º F, and are available in two materials (xirodur B180 and S180) with inner diameters ranging from 4-30mm, with custom dimensions and integrated solutions available upon request. Customers can select from glass, 316 stainless steel, or high-strength plastic balls depending on application requirements.

xiros 67 and 68 bearings have been extensively tested to last for over 100 million cycles (within permissible loads)

About igus

igus develops industry-leading energy chain cable carriers, chainflex continuous-flex cables, drylin linear bearings and linear guides, iglide plastic bushings, and igubal spherical bearings.

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