CoreTechnologie Introduces 3D_Analyzer for Conversion Software

coretechnologie-_logoThe German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie (CT) introduced the CAD viewer “3D_Analyzer” for it’s conversion software. 3D_Analyzer is a module that enables creation of animated explosion views for assemblies of all major CAD formats. Illustrated as explosion view the model can be animated and visualized in 360-degree views like an interactive 3D video.

3d-explosionszeichnung_buThis documentation software helps users making the structure, installation and disassembly of complex assemblies visible. The user can look at, zoom and move the animated 3D model from any point of view. The 3D animations are saved in a CT-native format. The video can be moved forward and backward, stopped and repeated at any position. Moreover, dimensions and comments can be generated and user-defined views saved in so-called views. The generated models created in this way can be opened and played back also on mobile devices such as Windows Surface Tablets using the cost-effective 3D-Analyzer CAD viewer.

For more information, visit CoreTechnologie website.

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