CIM-Tech Releases Router-CIM 2018 for CNC Machines

ORLANDO, FL, Sep 5, 2017 – Inc. announces Router-CIM 2018, the newest version of the company’s revolutionary software suite for CNC machines is ready to ship. Router-CIM 2018 with its easy-to-use Windows-style interface, now enables users to print text, graphics, and barcodes on labels designed from scratch in minutes. With Router-CIM 2018 AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor designers quickly and easily transfer information and commands to any CNC machine savings hours of programming. In addition to its new labeling capabilities, Router-CIM 2018 offers multi-level pocketing, numeric control variable (NCVAR) interface and a color-coded DOIT Editor with layer finding.

Router-CIM 2018 unique labeling capabilities enables complete graphics integration.

“Router-CIM 2018 is our answer to our customers’ demands particularly in their need for programming organization and labeling,” Sheldon Prom, Inc. Applications Engineer says. “Users can now organize their CNC runs with completely customized labels using Router-CIM 2018’s Label Designer interface.”

Router-CIM 2018’s Label Design Interface:

  1. allows complete graphics integration;
  2. offers Part Preview for ease of placement;
  3. enables 3rd Party on-machine labeling compatibility;
  4. is fully compatible with the Router-CIM’s Touch-N-Print system; and
  5. allows multiple output file types such as PDF, JPG and GIF.

“Looking at your competition and at the size, scale and volume that we produce, no other stand-alone CAM software comes close to being as efficient as Router-CIM!” Garison Miseje, CNC programming manager for Czarnowski, a full-service exhibit and event marketing company, says.

In addition to enhanced labeling Router-CIM 2018 features and enhancements include:

  • Multi-Level Pocketing – The upgraded multi-level pocketing will now allow for quicker material removal in a multiple depth pocket feature. Quicker removal, quicker cycle times.
  • DOIT Editor Speed Improvements – Defining Knowledge to Layer associations has never been easier, or faster! With a color coded guide, instant association updates, Smart wildcard capability and the new layer finding feature of the DOIT Editor let you configure Router-CIM Automation Suite the way you want to.
  • New NCVAR Interface – The simplified NC Variable interface lets you customize the features of Router-CIM Automation Suite that are most important to you. Simple Add, Edit and Delete tools let you take advantage of all the power in the Router-CIM Automation Suite advanced programming features.
  • Upgrades to Reporting – The Router-CIM Automation Suite reporting allows for cycle time adjustments that can now be dialed in on a per-machine basis. Get accurate results on cycle times, tool usage and acceleration/deceleration that will give you the information you need to control your CNC production cells.

For 30 years CIM-Tech has been offering CAD/CAM software for CNC machines. Router-CIM 2018 users will still enjoy all features of the 2017 version including the most used and acclaimed such as:

  • Tool paths created and saved inside AutoCAD with all AutoCAD commands on the tool paths. No need to DXF out or save drawings to an older version of AutoCAD;
  • All tool paths stored on separate layers, so the DWG contains both design and manufacturing data;
  • Only one system to learn and use; combined design and manufacturing makes for a reduced learning curve
  • Parametric macros included, and you do not need to be a VB programmer to write them. Over 40 MDF door macros and 20 millwork macros are included;
  • Router-CIM post processors available for virtually all machine controllers–supporting the most complex machinery!
  • Powerful advanced nesting features that are only available in Router-CIM;
  • Custom written software can reduce the number of steps between design and manufacturing;
  • Multiple data sources and types: DWG, DXF, macros, 3D solids, surfaces, ellipses, splines, text.

About Inc.

Established in 1986, the founders of CIM-TECH realized that a CNC machine was only as good as your ability to program it. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) was needed to bridge the gap between CAD and CAM. CIM provides for a seamless solution with a common interface for design and manufacturing. From this basic concept a new company was created.

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