Cetrus Announces Process Meter v3.7

SAN RAMON, CA, Nov 10, 2017 – Cetrus, the leader in real-time application use monitoring and analysis, announced today that Process Meter v3.7 (PM v3.7) is available for production use.

PM v3.7 extends its agent-based application monitoring capabilities by reporting the Autodesk version launched from the desktop. A new Flexera log file reader reports license attributes. Also added in PM v3.7, file-level monitoring supports project association for improved project management.

PM v3.7 uniquely combines desktop and license server information to provide the most detailed and comprehensive view of application use compared to other monitoring solutions. For Autodesk applications, this allows visibility into application and package use, and as cascading license file behavior. The platform provides both real-time license status as well as historical use data for trending and analysis.

The Expense-2-Project (E2P) extension for application use association now supports file-level monitoring to support improved project management. Time and Materials projects benefit from increased accuracy in personnel billing and time tracking. E2P’s application use billing now includes compute intensive and simulation applications. Fixed Bid projects gain from improved project productivity, profitability, and risk analysis.

To provide insight from PM v3.7 data, Cetrus is delivering problem-specific analytic templates including: Autodesk application and licensing analysis; session use ranking and comparison; daily peak use; concurrent license activity status; daily unique users, and E2P detail and summary reporting.

“Customers with multiple Autodesk packages have always wanted to know if they were optimally licensed,” says Oliver Turan, director of sales at Autodesk Platinum Reseller CAD Technology Center. “Process Meter is a great solution to let organizations know which applications and versions are driving license use. The analytics provide real insight into peak and historical use for application use comparisons and future subscription budgeting. Monitoring and reporting on both metered and non-metered licenses really differentiates it from other approaches.”

“E2P has been a great profitability enhancer for us,” says Uri Eliahu, president of ENGEO, an international engineering firm of more than 250 professionals. “We use Citrix for virtualization, and this release monitors all our applications on remote desktops, as well as stand-alone CPU-intensive simulation applications, like Plaxis. File level monitoring lets our engineers easily work simultaneously on multiple projects without having to open a separate license session for each project.”

About Cetrus

Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, Cetrus is the leader in real-time, desktop application-use monitoring for software use visibility. Process Meter, their next-generation monitoring platform, allows enterprises to analyze application use for license cost reduction and containment, associate use to projects for billing and project management, and perform risk analysis. Desktop software developers can use Application Meter to offer subscription and hourly rental use via credit card billing through its integrated ecommerce platform.

To learn more, please visit www.cetrus.com.

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