Carlo Launches MC36C Series Compact Safety Magnetic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi has launched the MC36C Series Compact Safety Magnetic Sensors, designed for safety-related applications, such as the monitoring of swinging, sliding or removable safety guards, which keep personnel safe from dangerous areas. The MC36C Series of magnetically-coded REED safety magnetic sensors are a solution to monitor the position of sliding, hinged and removable safety guards, especially in dirty and dusty environments. With their actuation range, the MC36C magnetic sensors are suited for use in applications where great tolerances are required, such as with safety gates or doors which are imprecisely aligned.

The MC36C Series are designed to be versatile and can work as standalone or in conjunction with a safety module to reach a safety category 4, according to the EN ISO 13849-1 Standard.  These are some of the features which make these sensors extremely flexible to meet various application requirements:  compact size (36x26x13mm), output configuration (2 NO or 1 NO and 1 NC), availability with 2m cable or M8 quick disconnect (left or right exit).

For more information, visit Carlo Gavazzi website.

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