BuildIT Metrology 2018 Released

BuildIT Software & Solutions has announced the release of BuildIT Metrology 2018, an update to the 3D metrology software. BuildIT 2018 adds many new features and improvements including the ability to both plan projections and operate a laser projector from within the BuildIT platform, along with several large point cloud commands, including cloud to cloud analysis, cloud registration, and corner extraction.

BuildIT is the industry’s leading large volume metrology software solution for alignment, inspection and build applications. BuildIT includes industry best-in-class features such as device bundling and real-time visual feedback in a simple and modern user interface. This allows users to position parts with micrometer accuracy for high-precision assembly and alignment applications. The addition of the laser projector planner & operator interface complements this workflow well, allowing users to project layouts and dynamically display analysis feedback.

See a list of the latest improvements on BuildIT’s What’s New page.

A free trial of the latest version is available for download on the company website at:

About BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd.

BuildIT develops and distributes custom and off-the-shelf 3D software solutions that interface with measurement devices for real-time part inspection, tool building, assembly, alignment, measurement process automation, meshing and quality control in advanced manufacturing. Located in Montreal, Quebec, BuildIT has gained the trust and partnership of many of the world’s largest civil and defense contractors and has been instrumental in global programs such as the JSF F-35.  BuildIT is a division of FARO Technologies Canada, Inc.

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