Bitflow, One Box Vision Partner for PackFlow

Bitflow has partnered with engineering firm One Box Vision in developing the PackFlow 100% print inspection bundle that inspects materials printed on high-speed web presses.

The PackFlow bundle features all the components needed for a print machine manufacturer or system integrator: line-scan cameras, BitFlow Axion-CL 2xE frame grabbers, software and LED illuminator. PackFlow installation performs quality checks at the full speed of the production line.

PackFlow is a bundle that enables a vision inspection system to be installed on a new or in-operation printing press using standard hardware.

Contributing to PackFlow’s success is the BitFlow Axion-CL 2xE frame grabber based on the Camera Link (CL) 2.0 specification. The BitFlow Axion-CL is a CL frame grabber BitFlow has manufactured, featuring a StreamSync Direct Memory Access (DMA) engine and buffer manager to prevent overloading of the CPU with image transfer operations, along with a PCIe Gen 2 expansion bus to deliver access to host memory. It supports Base, Medium, Full or 80-Bit mode Camera Link area and line scan, color and monochrome cameras with PoCL capabilities.

For more information, visit One Box Vision website.

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