BigRep, Heidelberg Digital Platforms Partners for 3D Printing

BERLIN, Germany, Oct 27, 2017 – Berlin’s innovative spirit meets digital machine construction for industrial 3D print solutions “made in Germany”. Technology company BigRep announced its collaboration with Heidelberg Digital Platforms, a division of
Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), to build the BigRep STUDIO 3D printer. Following thousands of print hours and extensive beta testing, construction of the new machines began this month.

BigRep Studio (Image Courtesy of BigRep website)

For Kreuzberg-based BigRep, a specialist in large-format 3D printing solutions for professional
and industrial applications, the cooperation with Heidelberg is an important strategic step on
the way to becoming the world’s leading supplier of additive manufacturing systems. BigRep
stands to benefit from Heidelberg’s know-how in industrialization, product validation and
flexible production.

“The strategic partnership with Heidelberg gives us the opportunity to focus on efficiently
developing our portfolio,” says Dr. Stephan Beyer, CFO of BigRep. Josef Schell, Head of
Digital Platforms at Heidelberg, added: “With this cooperation, we’re contributing to the
development of industrial 3D printing, as well as the digitalization of traditional production

Heidelberg is assembling the 3D printing systems for BigRep at its Wiesloch-Walldorf location.
The partnership includes logistics for delivery to customers worldwide, including order
management “as a service”, and is expected to result in a significant increase in efficiency. It
will also considerably reduce time-to-market for the STUDIO, allowing BigRep to concentrate
on marketing and customer support for this latest product.

The new BigRep STUDIO sets new standards in terms of speed, precision and reliability. Its
newly developed print head extruder can process a variety of high-temperature filaments and
flexible materials. Due to its perfect combination of design, size and functionality, the BigRep
STUDIO is ideal for use in smaller workspaces, such as studios or offices.

About BigRep

BigRep is a technology start-up based in Berlin with offices in New York and Singapore, which
develops and manufactures the world’s largest 3D printers. One of the ground-breaking
developments of the company founded in 2014 is the BigRep ONE, which is supplemented by
the smaller BigRep STUDIO. Interdisciplinarity and well-founded experience in the field of
additive manufacturing characterizes the multinational team of BigRep, now comprised of
more than 70 employees. In addition to new products, the Berlin company is now concentrating
on complete solutions for industrial customers in the form of integrated additive manufacturing
systems. One example is the TNO project, which is scheduled to be released in Summer 2018.
The goal of the highly innovative engineering company is to revolutionize design, prototyping
and industrial production from the ground up. Over the next five years, BigRep wants to
become a leading supplier of additive manufacturing systems.

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About Heidelberg

For over 160 years, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG has been a reliable partner with a high
degree of innovative power for the global printing industry. Its mission is to shape the industry’s
digital future. Heidelberg always has the effects of the general digitalization of society in mind:
from mass production to individualization. With the customer in focus, the company has aligned its portfolio with the growth areas of the industry. It is based on products for prepress, printing and finishing, service and consumables, as well as software solutions, with a strong focus on a digital future. In addition to the printing industry, Heidelberg is also addressing industrial customers of various industries with Heidelberg Digital Platforms.

With a market share of more than 40 percent for sheet-fed offset presses, Heidelberg was able
to consolidate its position as market and technology leader in the printing industry during the
current financial year. Consolidated sales amounted to around €2.5 billion in the 2016/2017
financial year. A total of around 11,500 employees together with sales partners at a total of
250 locations in 170 countries ensure the implementation of customer wishes and ongoing
development on the market.

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