AutoFormplus R7 Integrated with MS Excel

WOLLERAU, Switzerland, June 8, 2017 – AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has integrated the generation of reports in Excel format within its latest software version AutoFormplus R7. As a result, users can import and process Excel files as report templates directly in AutoForm-ReportManager as well as export reports generated in AutoForm-ReportManager to Excel. This important enhancement in AutoFormplus R7 facilitates the generation of professional reports.

Report templates generated in Excel can be imported and processed in AutoForm-ReportManager. In addition, reports generated in AutoForm-ReportManager can be exported to Excel.

During each simulation which is carried out for a stamping part, typically a number of reports are generated. These reports must be efficiently stored, well-structured and available to all those involved in a project. In daily practice, many companies use their own report templates to facilitate the internal communication between departments. However, when collaborating later on with other companies, data which is not compatible or up-to-date can be a source of misinterpretation leading to time losses and increased costs.
AutoForm-ReportManager, which is an integrated part of AutoFormplus, enables engineers to easily and rapidly create reports based on simulation results. The data from a simulation file can be easily included in the report, which is automatically updated to reflect the most current results.

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The experience gathered through numerous projects has shown that Excel files are best suited to fulfill all of the requirements related to these types of reports. Taking this into account, the latest release AutoFormplus R7 has been enhanced to better support the generation of reports. Report templates originally generated in Excel can now be imported and processed in AutoForm-ReportManager as well as saved to the simulation file. These report templates include mapped objects such as 3D views and plots, variables, diagrams, data sets and tables. Reports generated in AutoForm-ReportManager can be exported to Excel and used for any purposes independent of AutoForm software as well as exported as a template for other AutoForm simulations.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director of AutoForm Engineering, stated: “Our latest software release AutoFormplus R7 brings significant advantages and flexibility to users who generate reports on a daily basis. Reports now available in Excel format greatly facilitate communication of relevant information between different departments as well as between OEMs and suppliers.”

About AutoForm

AutoForm was founded in 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then, AutoForm has grown continuously and rapidly, and the company is now recognized as the leading provider of software solutions for die design and sheet metal forming simulation. Today, over 3’000 users in more than 800 companies in 50 countries around the world, trust in and rely on AutoForm for their key engineering and manufacturing operations. Leading the way in research and development, AutoForm’s innovations for rapid and reliable validation of design, engineering and manufacturing processes have profoundly revolutionized the market. Producing tremendous improvements in quality, time and cost, AutoForm is an acknowledged industry standard at virtually every automotive OEM and at leading suppliers of tooling, stampings and materials worldwide. For more information, visit:



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