aPriori Professional 2019 R1 Launched

aPriori has announced the release of aPriori Professional 2019 R1. The new release expands the company’s portfolio of out-of-the-box (OOB) manufacturing cost models, introduces an expanded collection of design to cost (DTC) guidance and reports, and includes more than 200 individual product enhancements driven through collaboration with the company’s expanding customer base.

Furthermore, the company is announcing the achievement of a major milestone with the introduction of the first suite of costing applications available in the cloud.  The new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering includes aPriori Professional and a new application named Cost Insight Design.  This lightweight web application was developed in collaboration with a group of key customers who were looking for a streamlined version of aPriori that was easy to deploy, easy to learn, and can be utilized by design engineers to quickly identify and eliminate manufacturability and cost drivers in the earliest phases of design and consider cost and manufacturability in trade studies.

Watch a short video about Cost Insight Design

Highlights of Apriori Professional 2019 R1

New and Enhanced Cost Models

With aPriori Professional 2019 R1, the company continues its commitment to expanding the suite of OOB manufacturing cost models that enable quick and easy analysis of product designs. New and enhanced cost models available with this release include:

  • Plastics – new insert molding and over molding cost models [watch video]; expanded DTC feedback
  • Machining – automated analysis of pockets and slots on components that require machining and tool size selection improvements to make these features
  • Welding & Bonding – new TIG welding and adhesive bonding cost models. Along with MIG welding updates and improvements to automatically read ProWELD and estimate the welding process for these welds on a component
  • Mechanical Assembly – new lockbolt and threaded inserts cost models
  • Casting – die casting and sand-casting updates to improve the cycle time estimate precision and expand DTC feedback to include more manufacturability checks
  • Secondary Processes – new vibratory deburr, shot peening and hot isostatic pressing cost models now available

For a complete list of currently available manufacturing process models, refer to this page on the aPriori website.

Design to Cost Reports

aPriori Cost Insight Report 2019 R1 now provides access to DTC metric data from major manufacturing process groups.  aPriori Professional and Cost Insight Design simulate the physical manufacturing process and identify potential manufacturability issues and cost drivers.  Cost Insight Report then captures and stores counts, ratios and other time related metrics from several categories, including: violations of design standards, geometric cost driver counts, tolerances, slow operations, manufacturing issues and more.  Data generated from this analysis can be presented to the end user via a suite of OOB or ad hoc reports.

The four new OOB reports included in aPriori Cost Insight Report enable project leaders to quickly identify parts with high DTC scores that would be good candidates for redesign to improve manufacturability or reduce cost.

View a short video about DTC Machining Reports

aPriori Cloud

For the first time ever, aPriori’s innovative product cost management platform is available in the cloud.  It will be available as a SaaS solution – fully managed by aPriori.  The company has chosen to partner with Amazon to leverage the security, scalability and value of their Amazon Web Services® platform.  Manufacturers choosing the cloud deployment approach will be able to access all applications from a browser – securely, at anytime and anywhere.

The benefits of deploying aPriori in the cloud are numerous, including:

  • Collaborate with global teams on a shared database
  • Role based cost insights with tailored views and applications
  • Faster deployment and faster time to value
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Seamless collaboration between cost engineers and other stakeholders (such as the product engineering team, sourcing, or even external suppliers) has the potential to deliver a significant boost to product profitability.  Expert cost engineers can now be digitally connected to the entire product development process.  They can help other members of the product team evaluate and mature early cost estimates by updating default values with more current material costs, manufacturing volumes, place of manufacture, shipping and logistics costs, etc.  This approach could help your company avoid significant cost and time errors, reduce the overall design cycle and get your innovative new product designs to market faster.

About aPriori

aPriori software and services generate hard-dollar product cost savings for discrete manufacturing and product innovation companies. Using aPriori’s real-time product cost assessments, employees in engineering, sourcing and manufacturing make more-informed decisions that drive costs out of products pre- and post-production. With aPriori, manufacturers launch products at cost targets, maximize savings in re-work projects and avoid overpaying for sourced parts.  To learn more about aPriori and its product cost management solutions and services, visit www.apriori.com.

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