3D Synergy to Launch 3D Magic Wand Pro Pen

3D Synergy Technologies_logoTORONTO, Canada, Apr 19, 2017 – Canada-based company, 3D Synergy Technologies Inc. will release an advanced 3D drawing pen that is specifically catered to professionals. The new feature-packed pen will be launched under their own brand, 3D Magic Wand. This 3D Magic Wand Pro Pen is designed and created with the professional user in mind.

3D Magic Wand Pro Pen with Museum“We are thrilled and excited to announce the release of our first 3D Magic Wand Pro Pen,” said Jamie Smilovici, president and CEO. “The 3D pen industry is a growing segment of 3D printing. Consumers are starting to realize that 3D pens also have a professional application. To this extent, we would like to provide artists, designers, engineers and other professionals with a tool that will bring life to imagination. Our 3D pro pen was created by professionals, for professionals.”

3D Magic Wand Pro Pen addresses the concerns of the professional user. It features a built-in fan to reduce heat and eliminate jamming, auto-feed and auto-eject functions for prolonged use, variable speed, precise temperature setting, an OLED screen and more. This 3D pen comes with environmentally friendly PLA filament. It also allows the user to utilize other materials such as carbon fibre, metallic, wood, conductive and ABS filaments.

3D Magic Wand Pro Pen with Spider“Professionals are turning to hand-controlled, quick result 3D printing pens for rapid prototyping and concept realization in the fields of education, architecture and design,” says Jamie Smilovici. The 3D Magic Wand Pro Pen was available online at their crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.com on April 18 for a limited time.

3D Synergy 2About 3D Synergy Technologies

3D Synergy Technologies (Coretech Americas) is an innovative, tech-savvy company that manufactures and markets its own line of 3D products under the 3D Magic Wand brand and also under the Polaroid brand name. Their range of products include all things 3D – pens, printers, scanners, filament, and related accessories while maintaining their core belief of providing environmentally safe consumer products. Under their parent company, Coretech HK, we have been manufacturing toys for some of the worlds leading brands since 1987, but in the last decade we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities and ventured into consumer technologies.

For more information, visit www.3dsyntech.com. Explore the possibilities of 3D Pen here.

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