Vlare Launches Core, Vlare Slicer

SHENZHEN, China, Nov 3, 2021 – Vlare, a technology firm based in Shenzhen, China, is launching its Core board and Vlare Slicer software for polymer-based additive manufacturing 3D Printer on Nov 1, 2021. Core is a high-performance, robust, and energy-efficient controller board designed to drive the next generation of resin 3D Printers. Vlare Slicer software enables users to quickly and easily prepare models for printing and take full advantage of Core’s advanced features. Core is already in production and is being used by OEMs to develop new printers. Vlare Slicer is available to download on Vlare.net

Core is developed as a highly efficient and powerful controller that can work with a large selection of UV light sources for printing, including LCD Panels (MSLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), and more. Its firmware can handle advanced data structures that allow multiple exposures per layer, variable heights, and intelligent layer peel strategies. The Core robustly handles a wide range of system and power configurations and can instantly turn on and off without data corruption. It also has a wide range of connectivity from internal serial I/O, SDIO, and SPI for OEM to Ethernet and WiFi functionalities. Such versatility allows engineers and developers to customize their printers to their customers’ needs and differentiate from the competition.

A vital feature of the Core controller board is that it will support an open file format print file that gives the user the freedom of software choice. Coming from a supply-chain background, the Vlare team understands different industries have different hardware and software needs when it comes to 3D printing, and there is no one-size-fits-all software solution. Vlare team is actively working with 3rd party software developers to bring more options for its users and is open to collaboration to build customized hardware for industrial applications.

Vlare Slicer is the software tool that powers the Vlare Core controller and brings users’ designs and visions from digital to physical objects. It offers:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Streamline workflow to simplify print preparation
  • Highly optimized algorithm for fast operation without the need of expensive computer
  • Expert Automatic Support Generation with advanced raft design to improve print success rate while wasting less resin
  • Functions to Achieve Tight Tolerance for Engineering Projects
  • Fast slicing process
  • Multi-Exposure Functions that help improve print success rate while revealing more detail
  • Support over ten types of popular 3D Models and CAD file formats.

About Vlare

Vlare builds professional solutions for additive manufacturing and design. Vlare’s founder Daniel Lee has 15 years of experience developing display panels for many types of products, from the smaller touch panels all the way to specialized panels for industrial applications, including 3D Printing. Vlare has six full-time team members, three developers, two engineers, and over 20 years of related experience. Vlare believes the potentials for 3D Printing can only be unlocked via collaboration and is actively supporting the open file format movement, sponsoring open-source projects, and building partnerships.

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