Tungaloy Introduces M714B T-CBN Grade

Finish Machining of Heat-Resistant Superalloys

Tungaloy is introducing the M714B T-CBN grade for finish machining of heat-resistant superalloys.

M714B contains submicron sized fine cBN grains and alumina as a binder providing the grade with high thermal stability. This composition enables high speed applications in Ni-base superalloys such as Inconel 718, ensuring higher machining efficiency than conventional grades. The grade’s uniform matrix of cBN and binder provides high surface finishing quality at high cutting parameters.

Manufacturers of critical components for aerospace industries face strict requirements of finished surface integrity as process security and quality are of utmost importance. The new M714B grade is available in two styles of edge preparations optimized for maximum surface integrity: LS offers a lightly chamfered and honed cutting edge commonly found in PcBN inserts intended for HRSAs; while E style provides a lightly honed cutting edge where low cutting forces are essential. M714B offers cutting edge preparations that are tailored to optimize performance in the targeted areas, while also enabling process security and efficiency in high temperature and high cutting speed conditions.

At a Glance

    • High thermal stability enables high speed machining with exceptional wear resistance
    • Available in two types of edge preparations: “LS” with a light chamfered and honed edge, while “E” offers a lightly honed cutting edge
    • Total of 24 inserts to be introduced

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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