Tungaloy Expands AH9130 Drill Head Grade Series

Tungaloy is expanding its AH9130 drill head grade series to include the DMP drill head line of the DrillMeister head-changeable drill series.

DrillMeister features a unique self-locking interface that interlocks between the drill head and tool body, enabling a simple and quick tool exchange. Operators can replace the tool without having to remove the drill body from the adapter or re-measure tool offset values, thus saving a great amount of tool setup time.

This AH9130 grade expansion encompasses the DMP line of general-purpose drilling, succeeding the popular DMC drill head for precision drilling. Developed for drilling applications, AH9130 is a nano-multilayer PVD coating consisting of three distinctive layers. This coating configuration adds multifunctional characteristics to the grade, including wear, fracture, and oxidation resistances, as well as eliminating build-up edge and delamination, providing all characteristics required for the grade to enable long and predictable tool life in drilling operations.

At a Glance

    • New DMP drill head are available in diameters from 10.0 mm through 19.5 mm (in increments of 0.1 mm)
    • Nano-multilayer PVD coating including three characteristic layers
    • The coating offers multifunctional characteristics of wear, fracture, and oxidation resistances as well as eliminates build-up edge and delamination for improved insert life and predictability
    • 26 new drill heads to be introduced

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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