Teknic’s RAS Available in ClearPath

Teknic’s Regressive Auto-Spline (RAS) is available in Teknic’s ClearPath integrated servos. RAS goes beyond traditional motion smoothing algorithms such as S-curving or cosine smoothing by limiting the jerk and the jerk-derivative, resulting in incredibly smooth motion profiles. Configure with just a mouse click. See how the RAS works on a linear axis to stop vibration.

ClearPath integrated servo motors with RAS motion smoothing

Key Features:

  • An Engineering Easy Button – Eliminate vibration with a simple 1 click setup. No engineering background or servo tuning experience needed.

RAS double jerk limiting feature

  • Maximize Machine Throughput – Achieve higher throughput when compared to servo drives using S-curves or jerk limiting by accelerating faster and reducing settling time.
  • Improve Machine Reliability – Smoother acceleration profiles and reduced vibration mean less wear on the mechanics, longer component life, and lower audible noise.
  • Wide Range of Control Options – The RAS is available in every ClearPath integrated servo, which are compatible with a wide range of controllers including PLCs, microcontrollers (like Arduinos), Windows or Linux PCs (such as Raspberry Pi), CNC machines, pushbuttons and more!
    • Need a Motion Controller for ClearPath? Learn about Teknic’s ClearLink EtherNet/IP Controller or ClearCore C++ Programmable Controller. 

About Teknic, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Teknic manufactures a wide range of servo motion control components including integrated servo systems, brushless servo motors, servo drives, motion controllers, and power supplies. Teknic designs and manufactures its products in the USA (Victor, New York) and provides factory-direct support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

For more information about Teknic, visit website.

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