TaBJ v2.4 Released for Jewelry Design

HONG KONG, China, Nov 23, 2022 – After TaBJ released version 2.0 in October recently, the user community welcomed the new design environment of TaBJ positively. With more user feedback, TaBJ development took another step further with the release of version 2.4.

TaBJ version 2.4 revised the user interface which allowed users to select curves and objects in rendering mode. In particular, the curve editing and twist effect can be applied more easily and visualized in rendering mode.

A new demo of TaBJ version 2.4 came along with the release to help TaBJ users to learn the workflow within minutes.

About TaBJ

TaBJ is a design software developed for generating artistic 3D shapes intuitively using a proprietary developed technology. Artists are not required to learn to use sophisticated software packages in order to create shapes that they have in mind. Curve patterns can be easily converted into 3D shapes which can then be twisted and bended to the required shapes. Couples with the parametric templates for generating diamonds and diamond settings, TaBJ provides an intuitive platform for jewelry design.

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