Realtime to Integrate RapidPlan with Siemens Process Simulate

in Tecnomatix Portfolio

Realtime Robotics announced that it has teamed with Siemens to integrate its RapidPlan software with Siemens Process Simulate, in the company’s Tecnomatix portfolio.

This integration enables Siemens customers to utilize Realtime’s innovative robot motion planning and control software as a part of their regular workflow, without leaving Process Simulate. Customers using the integration can easily visualize, prioritize and simulate robot task plans, and validate them through virtual commissioning. Support for servo weld guns has also been added.

Realtime Robotics RapidPlan software helps manufacturers design and deploy industrial automation faster and more efficiently. The programming, deployment and control of industrial robots is automated, autonomously generating and choreographing all robot movements. Users create a digital twin simulation of their workcell and then simply point and click on robots and target points to create and visualize collision-free task plans, saving weeks to months of programming time per project.

With Realtime Robotics for Siemens Process Simulate, positions and waypoints can be updated without reprogramming; time-consuming manual tasks can be reduced with automated and collision-free interlock programming; and a massive reduction in programming time can be realized.

Key benefits of this integration include:

  • Streamline Cell Commissioning – With RapidPlan, customers get paths that avoid collisions between robots and with other objects in the cell.
  • Improve Decision-Making – Simple, straightforward logic is made possible by the software, making it easy to intuitively configure robots or optimize for cycle time.
  • Quickly Evaluate and Validate Options – The need to undertake lengthy, laborious manual robot path validation is eliminated as RapidPlan quickly evaluates changes and validates available options.
  • Work Directly in Siemens Process Simulate – There’s no longer a need to switch between programming and simulation programs. RapidPlan integrates with Process Simulate, and can run either on the same PC or in a separate environment.
  • Automatic Viapoints and Interlocks – Process Simulate automatically records RapidPlan generated viapoints, removing the need for manual viapoint and interlock validation.

Realtime Robotics has a long-standing partnership with Siemens, with its technology helping to simplify robot programming and workcell coordination through the automation of motion programming. The company recently announced additional funding, and will be showcasing its technology at the annual International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2022, taking place from September 12-17, 2022, in Chicago, IL.

For more information about the Siemens Process Simulate integration, visit: Additional details on the company’s RapidPlan software is available here:

About Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics technology generates collision-free motion plans in milliseconds for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Its solution empowers robots to function together in unstructured and collaborative workspaces, as well as to react to dynamic obstacles the instant changes are perceived. Its solutions expand the potential of automation.

Learn more about Realtime Robotics here.

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