Process Introduces PSC-52LT Thermometer

Process Sensors Corp., a division of KPM Analytics, introduced its single color digital non-contact infrared thermometer to the workplace. The digital PSC-52LT with integrated laser aiming operates in the 8-14µm spectral range and is designed for temperature measurement of low reflective surfaces and materials. Typical applications for this thermometer include paper and packaging, food, glass and ceramics, conveyed materials, wood and composites, and textiles.  It is also ideal for rubber, plastics and gypsum board applications.

The PSC-52LT operates in the 0° to 1000°C (32° to 1832°F) temperature range with adjustable sub-temperature ranges.  It features an adjustable response time of 100ms, and is capable of measuring spot sizes from 0.24” (6mm). The sensor’s standard loop-powered 4-20mA linear output signal facilitates implementation into existing measurement and control systems.

The PSC-52LT can be connected to a computer via USB interface. The sensor’s parameters (transmissivity, ambient radiation, etc.) are adjusted through the operator’s PC, with the exception of emissivity. Emissivity must be changed utilizing the potentiometers located on the rear panel of the sensor.

The PSC-52LT is contained in a stainless steel housing with a sealed quick disconnect cable connector. A heavy duty protective jacket with integrated air purge unit is used for harsh environment applications. A USB PC interface cable is optional and a full range of accessories is available.

PSCSpot for Windows software is standard equipment provided for storage, processing and evaluation of real time measured data. It provides statistical analysis of data, export of measured data as test files and creates Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The software also provides an integrated report function with customized templates for Microsoft Word and an integrated calculator for calculation of optics parameters.

For more information, visit Process Sensors website.

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