OpenSpace BIM+ Launched for Field, VDC Teams

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 9, 2023 – OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° reality capture and AI-powered analytics, introduced OpenSpace BIM+, a suite of easy-to-use 3D tools that helps field teams and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams get work done faster by unlocking BIM coordination on the jobsite. Announced at its Waypoint customer conference, this is the third product from OpenSpace that uses cutting-edge technology to empower project teams to get things done faster, together. OpenSpace Capture, introduced in 2018, is used to fully document construction sites in over 93 countries, and OpenSpace Track, introduced in 2021, automatically quantifies progress on those sites. OpenSpace BIM+ adds to this portfolio with tools that accelerate BIM and field coordination workflows.

Click here to view OpenSpace BIM+ product – BIM Element Overlay feature.

Working in both 2D drawings and 3D models is not new to OpenSpace customers. The popular BIM Compare feature in OpenSpace Capture allows field teams to navigate and compare site conditions to the project’s BIM, with the model fully aligned to the OpenSpace 360° capture. Last quarter, OpenSpace observed more than half its customers using this feature, and they represented the most active OpenSpace customers.

“We recognized that many of our customers were seeking more powerful, yet easy-to-use BIM tools from OpenSpace,” shared Neel Sheth, vice president of product at OpenSpace. “Our customers’ BIM usage in OpenSpace was outpacing the industry’s overall rate of BIM adoption. That told us that OpenSpace might be able to help drive BIM utilization for those teams that are adopting and investing in BIM. With OpenSpace BIM+, we have partnered with VDC leaders and their project teams to help them work with BIM as easily as navigating a Google Street View.”

OpenSpace BIM+ is an add-on product to its popular OpenSpace Capture product, with the following capabilities:

  1. BIM analysis tools: Navigating and analyzing BIM in the field often requires the time and expertise of a VDC manager. OpenSpace BIM+ analysis tools speed up this communication by allowing field teams to easily work in the BIM and compare that to what they are building. Any project team member can click and navigate to saved views in the BIM, review model elements overlayed within the 360° photos, and access the model from any iPhone, iPad, or Android device when offline. Point cloud data can also now be stored, viewed, analyzed, and shared in OpenSpace from mobile and terrestrial laser scanners and OpenSpace’s 3D Scan feature, bringing reality capture data to one central location.
  2. BIM coordination tools: Construction projects require tremendous coordination and OpenSpace BIM+ includes features designed to help teams quickly solve problems by aligning design intent with on-site conditions to speed up responses, approvals, and project schedules. OpenSpace Capture’s popular field note feature is now part of BIM workflows with OpenSpace BIM+, allowing field teams to add detailed images and notes during site walks or back at their desks. BCF file export is also included, enabling streamlined workflows with leading BIM coordination tools like Revizto, Navisworks, and BIM Track.
  3. Seamless model management: Keeping the BIM model up-to-date can help to streamline the design and construction process, as it ensures that everyone has access to the most current information. OpenSpace BIM+ makes it easy to manage updates to the BIM with Autodesk model import, support for multiple models, and model usage reporting.

While BIM has gained widespread adoption among design and engineering professionals, its use in the field has been limited, partly due to the complexity and skills required to navigate and understand the building information model.

“With the implementation of OpenSpace BIM+, our project teams will gain the ability to swiftly address inquiries directly from the field, significantly minimizing the time-consuming exchanges they encounter while resolving challenges,” explained Breawn Felix, regional support services manager at Swinerton. Mrs. Felix plans to measure the time savings OpenSpace BIM+ can provide to her field teams during OpenSpace’s early access program, which kicks off next quarter.

For further details on OpenSpace BIM+ and to sign up for the early access program, visit OpenSpace’s BIM+ website or talk with an OpenSpace representative.

About OpenSpace

OpenSpace, the global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics, empowers construction and real estate companies of every size to create an interactive 360° digital view of their built environment. Customers have used OpenSpace to operate more efficiently and reduce risk, capturing more than 17 billion square feet of imagery from construction projects across thousands of sites in more than 93 countries.

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