ODA Releases STEP Toolkit for Production

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Oct 12, 2022 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), provider of complete interoperability solutions for CAD and BIM, announced today the first production release of its new STEP SDK (Software Development Kit) for working with STEP data. STEP is the exchange standard defined by ISO 10303 for representing and communicating digital product information. STEP is widely supported by leading mechanical CAD applications as a neutral standard for data exchange.

STEP model visualized by ODA Viewer

“Production STEP support is a significant milestone in our plans to broaden the MCAD offerings within the ODA Platform,” said Neil Peterson, ODA president. “Our recent entry to the MCAD market gives us the most modern codebase in the industry. This yields high performance via multi-threading, an advanced feature set including STEP validation, and the ability to quickly adapt our codebase as programming languages and styles evolve over the coming years.

“Unlike monolithic products that were developed decades ago, ODA STEP SDK is well positioned to serve the broader industry for the long term in this environment of rapid change.”

Availability and Pricing

Production STEP support is available in version 23.9 and later of the ODA Platform.

STEP SDK is included as part of the standard ODA membership offering and is available to all ODA members at no additional fee. More information can be found at https://www.opendesign.com/products/step.

About Open Design Alliance

ODA develops complete interoperability solutions for CAD and BIM. Their SDKs provide data access, creation, visualization, Web collaboration and publishing for a wide range of engineering file formats. ODA is supported by more than 1200 member companies, including software developers, manufacturers, government entities, AEC firms, major retailers and other organizations spread across every engineering discipline.

For more information, visit www.opendesign.com.

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