Novus Nexus Announces CAENexus Release 2

SAN RAFAEL, CA, May 6, 2022 – Novus Nexus announced the upcoming availability of CAENexus R2, an abstract model based pre-processor for quick and intuitive simulation automation. CAENexus R2 introduces modular abstract models, offering new ways to flexibly adjust the purpose of automated simulations.

“From the beginning, our users enjoyed the full benefits of automated pre-processing, like results that are always comparable and efficient use of best practices,” says Bruce Webster, CEO at Novus Nexus. “Our new release gives them more flexibility to use the same physics template and easily adjust for different goals and use cases.”

New features and improvements of CAENexus R2 include:

  • Modular abstract models which let users combine a best-practice simulation set-up (physics) with varying mesh specifications and/or loads or boundary conditions. This allows one to quickly tune an automated simulation process for faster simulation turn-around in early design phases or best accuracy for final validation. Loads and boundary conditions can be selected depending on broadly varying geometries (parts or complex assemblies) and required use cases.
  • Import multiple parameters from text file (e.g., loads, constraints for load case data, material, and other important data). Ensures, for example, a consistent use of standardized test scenarios even when different solvers are involved and supports exploration of material options.
  • Author new abstract models at simulation model stage, making it possible for novice CAENexus users to create a geometry independent abstract model the same way they set up simulations with traditional pre-processors. The path to simulation automation is greatly shortened.
  • Various other new features are implemented to improve user interactions with CAENexus, broaden solver and CAD system support as well as enhance mesh capabilities.

These new CAENexus R2 features are immediately available for testing. For more information on CAENexus or to request a demo, visit

About Novus Nexus

Novus Nexus offers smarter solutions to automate simulation processes easily and reliably. The creation of such automated processes only requires a similar effort compared to preparing a single simulation with traditional tools. Simulating better with them, customers make correct design decisions faster, streamline development processes and so increase their competitiveness. Novus Nexus tools work with various CFD and FEA solvers, naturally capture simulation know-how for consistent application of best practices, enable CAD designers to run dependable simulations, and optimize the use of simulation resources, both human and software.

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