Matterport Partners with CompuSoluciones

SUNNYVALE, CA, June 9, 2023 – Matterport, Inc., announced that it is significantly expanding its presence in Latin America, partnering with CompuSoluciones, one of the largest value-added distributors (VAD) of technology in the region, as a key distributor of Matterport’s digital twin technologies in Mexico and Colombia.

For nearly 40 years, CompuSoluciones has partnered with the world’s leading international technology brands, including some of the largest solution providers servicing architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), facilities management, and manufacturing. Through its network of more than 2,000 resellers, CompuSoluciones provides the world’s premier information technologies (IT) and consulting services spanning cloud, SaaS and other services to a vast array of industries out of its headquarters in Mexico.

Latin America is one of the largest property markets in the world. According to the NAIOP, Mexico’s industrial market alone encompasses more than 900 million square feet of building space across all product types, including manufacturing, with total industrial space in construction reaching a historic level of 43 million square feet in 2022.

Through this agreement, CompuSoluciones’ sales teams will offer Matterport’s industry-leading digital twin platform, as well as the Pro3 and Pro2 cameras, to enterprises and SMBs in Mexico and Colombia. Providing solutions across space planning, progress monitoring, quality management and facilities management, CompuSoluciones’ vast reseller network will now be able to offer Matterport’s immersive, photo-realistic digital twins to their customers to help them operate more efficiently from wherever they are in the world.

CompuSoluciones’ customers will also have access to Matterport’s vast suite of more than 200 partner integrations, including those with Autodesk Construction Cloud, supporting CompuSoluciones’ customer retention and the overall customer experience, while fueling growth for Matterport’s business in the regions.

“Having Matterport in our portfolio will allow us to meet the demand for 3D digital twins that is growing exponentially in the region,” said José Luis Cortés, commercial director of CompuSoluciones. “Complementary solutions such as Matterport’s integrations with Autodesk will provide CompuSoluciones’ associated resellers an opportunity to capture greater value within their portfolio, while supporting end-user clients competitiveness in the market through improved productivity, collaboration and innovation.”

“As one of the leading IT distributors in the region, CompuSoluciones is well positioned to drive adoption of Matterport’s solutions in two of the largest property markets in the region, Mexico and Colombia,” said Jay Remley, chief revenue officer, Matterport. “Matterport is a globally recognized solution for immersive remote collaboration, and with CompuSoluciones, we will deliver Matterport’s value to even more regions around the world.”

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