Maplesoft Releases New Maplesoft Mathematics Suite

includes Maple 2023

WATERLOO, Canada, Mar 10, 2023 – Maplesoft announced a new release of the Maplesoft Mathematics Suite, a collection of software solutions that assist educators in helping their students understand and succeed in math and courses that rely on math. The Suite includes Maple 2023, the newest release of the powerful and easy to use mathematical software used by mathematicians, educators, students, engineers, and scientists to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve math problems.

The Maplesoft Mathematics Suite helps engage and motivate students, overcome math anxiety, instill, reinforce, and evaluate true understanding, and deal with varying levels of student readiness.

Math matters

“Educators know that math is vitally important in our world, and so math is also vitally important to the success of their students, both at school and in life. That’s why they strive endlessly to help their students understand and use math,” says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, President and CEO of Maplesoft. “The Maplesoft Mathematics Suite acts as an assistant to the instructor, providing greater returns on the time and effort they put into teaching, and making it easier for instructors to meet their students where they are and help them succeed to their full potential. ”

With enlightening visualizations, instant feedback, motivating examples, hands-on explorations, and much more, the Maplesoft Mathematics Suite helps educators:

  • Engage students who are easily bored or distracted
  • Motivate students who don’t see the point
  • Overcome math anxiety
  • Instill true understanding in students who are just going through the motions
  • Provide sufficient opportunities for practice
  • Evaluate progress in a world where it’s easy to look up answers
  • Deal with varying levels of readiness for the course material

Many options, same great math engine

The Maple Mathematics Suite provides access to the world’s most powerful mathematics engine through easy-to-use interfaces that are designed to meet the needs of students at different phases of their education. The Suite includes online, desktop, mobile, and online solutions that cover math from high school to graduate school and beyond, and is suitable for math courses as well as subjects that make use of mathematics, such as engineering, physics, chemistry, business, and economics.

The Suite includes Maple, Maplesoft’s renowned desktop software that offers the most powerful and comprehensive environment for exploring, visualizing, and solving even the most difficult math problems. The latest release, Maple 2023, provides new tools for educators and students, including more step-by-step solutions and point-and-click tools for building customized interactive explorations. Other improvements include enhanced programming tools, expanded mathematical abilities, even better visualizations, new connectivity options, and more.

The Suite also includes Maple Learn, the online solution for teaching and learning;  Maple Flow, the flexible environment for engineering calculations; and the all-in-one Maple Calculator app for solving problems on your phone.

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About Maplesoft

Mathematics powers our modern world. From optimizing crop yields, to designing sustainable products, to launching spacecraft, mathematics improves lives and makes them safer, more efficient and more innovative.

Their mission at Maplesoft is to provide powerful technology to explore, derive, capture, solve and disseminate mathematical problems and their applications, and to make math easier to learn, understand, and use. They are helping more people tackle complex problems and they are driving research that pushes boundaries and advances the state of mathematics.

They are passionate about helping students, researchers, engineers and scientists take advantage of the power of math to enrich the world we live in. They believe that math matters and we are proud to be having a real impact on the world around us.

Maplesoft is a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group.

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