LimitState:FIX v4.0 Released for 3D Mesh Repair

LimitState has announced the release of version 4.0 of LimitState:FIX, their powerful 3D mesh repair software tool. Already a favorite among 3D print industry professionals, LimitState:FIX makes available in a user-friendly software application the sector-leading Polygonica mesh processing technology, providing users with a simple, yet powerful and cost-effective one-click mesh repair tool. In tests, LimitState:FIX has been found to perform more efficiently and provide better results than other commercial and free-to-use software tools.

Version 4.0 sees a range of new features and enhancements to the software, including the introduction of a multi-model interface and also tools to speed up the set up of models for pre-defined or user-specified 3D print platforms.

Updates include, but are not limited to:

  • Import, heal and export multiple files en-masse
  • Automatically arrange models to fit a range of popular 3D print platforms
  • Export in slice file format (SLC, CLI)
  • Improved mesh closing workflow, providing up to 200x faster repairs
  • New and enhanced intelligent hole closing algorithms
  • Updated user interface, with cleaner icons and images
  • New model manipulation functions, including scaling and translation
  • Split multi-shell objects to separate entities
  • Validate the project before export

For more information about LimitState, visit website.

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