IrisVR Announces Prospect for Multi-User VR

IrisVR_logoNEW YORK, NY, Apr 24, 2017 – IrisVR – the leading virtual reality platform empowering the architecture, engineering and construction industries – announced their desktop software, Prospect, will support multi-user VR experiences. For the first time ever, Prospect users anywhere in the world can collaborate on a project using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift by inviting others to an immersive virtual group session.

IrisVR’s multi-user technology creates a workflow that is new to the building industry; offering a real time virtual reality environment with voice audio and motion feedback accessible to anyone. Now, architects, engineers, and designers can host guided walkthroughs of a space pre-construction, extending the concept of in-person client meetings and design review to the VR world. Virtual meetings also have the potential to significantly reduce travel and in-person sessions leading to significant cost savings for the user and client.

“We are excited to announce multi-user collaboration within Prospect,” says Shane Scranton, CEO and co-founder of IrisVR. “Multi-user will change not only the logistics of in-person meetings but it will help facilitate larger conversations and decisions. If you are a healthcare architect you can now invite the physician or nurse into a collaborative and intuitive environment of the proposed design. Then you can engage in a dialogue about space to evaluate the impact of decisions prior to construction, regardless of their physical location,” he added.

According to Nate Beatty, CTO and co-founder of IrisVR, “Job site safety is a huge concern for everyone in the building industry. Having a multi-user experience creates an avenue for training and orientation to occur before setting foot on-site. Imagine the benefits of being able to guide a new oil rig worker through the complex spaces of a rig in a risk-free environment, prior to them traveling to a distant location.”

IrisVR will debut the multi-user experience at the AIA’s Conference on Architecture from April 27-29 in Orlando, FL (Booth #3175). Those who stop by will have the opportunity to experience the technology first-hand and walk through SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino models with other booth attendees in VR.

The program will be available to the public later in the year. For more information, visit

About IrisVR

IrisVR combines virtual reality technology with proprietary enterprise software to help building, design, architecture and construction professionals better communicate their plans and vision. The IrisVR team includes professionals from the industry, specializing in real-time game engines, graphics computing, mesh algorithms, and distributed cloud systems, all coming together to create a truly transformative technology solution. IrisVR is headquartered in New York City.

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