IMAGINiT Releases Utilities for Revit, Civil 3D, Vault 2022

BALTIMORE, MD, June 18, 2021 – IMAGINiT Technologies now offers more than 75 utilities that extend the capabilities of Autodesk Revit, Civil 3D and Vault 2022 software.

The new Utilities enable teams to improve both productivity and accuracy by removing redundancies and rework, as well as by reducing errors associated with manual updates and changes. As a longstanding Autodesk Authorized Developer, IMAGINiT’s dedicated team of software developers rigorously beta test the Utilities to ensure the highest quality user experience.

“For more than a dozen years, our software development team has been listening to customer challenges we encounter in the field, to student feedback from our training courses and to the technical issues resolved by our support center,” says Bill Zavadil, president, IMAGINiT Technologies. “Our unique combination of software development expertise supported by real-world insights from both our customers and application engineers, enables us to transform these challenges into purpose-built tools that give our customers a distinct competitive advantage.”

All IMAGINiT Utilities run directly inside the Autodesk software eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks and boosting productivity. And to further minimize downtime, all utilities now include a direct link to IMAGINiT’s popular online education portal, ProductivityNOW, where subscribers can quickly find answers to their toughest questions.

IMAGINiT is launching new tools in each of the following three collections of Utilities.

IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit

More than 40 unique IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit now fully support Autodesk Revit versions from 2018 through 2022. In response to customer requests, IMAGINiT is also including the most popular tools from their previously-retired Scan to BIM software to help teams work more efficiently with point clouds in Revit. These new tools dramatically reduce time spent on tedious tasks, allowing teams to use their time more effectively.

To learn more about IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit, register now to reserve your spot for a free webinar on June 22, 2021 at 1PM Eastern.

IMAGINiT Utilities for Civil 3D

The IMAGINiT Utilities for Civil 3D include three new Utilities designed to maximize team productivity by accelerating processes through automation, making critical data easy to extract and simplifying complex workflows. Each of the 17 Utilities fully support Autodesk Civil 3D software versions 2019 through 2022 allowing more users access to the full power of these productivity tools.

To learn more about how teams using Civil 3D can become more productive by minimizing tedious and time-consuming software tasks, register now for the free webinar on June 23, 2021 at 1PM Eastern. 

IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client

More than a dozen IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client now fully support the Autodesk Vault 2022 software release. Each of these Utilities are designed with the sole purpose to improve management processes, automate workflows and provide access to critical data.

IMAGINiT Utilities Availability 

Available in standalone or network versions, IMAGINiT Utilities are complimentary to clients who have an active Autodesk subscription through IMAGINiT. Otherwise, companies may purchase and download individual IMAGINiT Utilities directly from the IMAGINiT eStore.

About IMAGINiT Technologies

IMAGINiT Technologies, a division of Rand Worldwide, advances the way architects and engineers design, develop, and manage projects. Customers of this leading professional services and technology company include organizations in the building, infrastructure, manufacturing and facilities management industries. Organizations of all sizes work with IMAGINiT Technologies to gain competitive advantages through expert technology consulting, implementation, training, and support services. As one of the world’s largest integrators of Autodesk 3D design and engineering software, the team leverages unrivalled industry experience to design systems that accelerate innovation while improving project quality and profitability.

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