ILEXSOFT Releases HighDesign R8.1

PERUGIA, Italy, May 24, 2024 – ILEXSOFT today announced the immediate availability of HighDesign R8.1, the latest release of its HighDesign drafting and architectural design software for macOS and Windows.

The main project window in HighDesign for Windows

This new release features an improved Windows user experience and support, more powerful image editing, and better drawing and project documentation.

A Better Windows Experience

HighDesign for Windows continues to improve release after release. The developer’s target is to offer as much as possible a seamless experience on both the Mac and Windows versions, while at the same time making the most out of the strengths of each platform.

HighDesign for Windows was greatly improved and reviewed in order to make sure that it works in the same way as the macOS edition.

Special attention was given to printing and PDF output, so that printouts and published PDF’s can have the highest quality down to the tiniest details, such as shape profiles, transparencies, file sizes, arcs and circles, texts, and more.

A wall schedule with styles, totals, and live preview in HighDesign R8.1

Greater Attention to the Quality of Drawings

Dimension labels are now more readable thanks to an option for an opaque background, that increases the contrast in busy drawings.

Poly-lines are now easier to use and edit, and the Offset command applied to poly-lines handles more special cases and shapes. Creating tables is now easier with the improvements to the new Table tool, that now handles copy and paste across cells with more consistency and exports more compatible CSV files.

Snapping, grids, and the Measure tool were also improved for a more streamlined experience in everyday tasks.

Easier Image Editing and Photogrammetry

It is now possible to correct barrel distortion of images using the Barrel Distort filter in the Adjust Image tool, which is now also accessible via the Object Info and the Photogrammetry setup panel.

The entire setup phase of Photogrammetry has been redesigned so that it is now easier to use and more flexible.

The visual symbol browser

Improvements Built on HighDesign R8

R8.1 builds on the previous HighDesign R8, released earlier in 2024, that included a 2x performance boost, introduced tables and interactive schedules with quantities and sorting rules, and added a new visual symbol browser among many other enhancements.

The R8 product line marks an important milestone in the process to join together in one solution the flexibility of traditional CAD with the efficiency of the BIM project management.

Pricing and Availability

The HighDesign product line includes HighDesign LT, priced at 149.00 USD; HighDesign SE, priced at 349.00 USD; and HighDesign Pro at 499.00 USD. HighDesign is available in English, French, German and Italian and is compatible with macOS from 10.14 to 14 Sonoma included running on both Intel- and M-series Macs, and with Windows 10 and 11.

Licenses are perpetual and include one year of maintenance which gives access to any updates released during the year of validity. When the license expires, the user can freely choose to continue using the last version installed, or renew for another year and stay updated.

A free 30-day trial is available on the Ilexsoft website.

Free educational licenses and volume discounts for corporate purchases are also available.

About HighDesign

HighDesign is the modern parametric design software that combines the directness of 2D drafting with powerful BIM-like project control and processes. Features include vector design tools, precision drafting, documentation and annotation tools, architectural design tools like parametric walls, doors and windows. The project structure is organized in specialized sheets and layouts. Special tools include photogrammetry, image editing and drawing presentation.

Available for macOS on both Intel- and ARM-based machines and for Windows 10 & 11, HighDesign R8.1 comes in three editions to best suit the needs of design professionals. To learn more about the latest release and download a free trial, please visit

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