Flexxbotics Becomes CSI for Universal Robots

Flexxbotics announces that it is now a Certified System Integrator (CSI) for Universal Robots (UR), recognizing its leadership and cutting-edge solutions for robot-driven machine tending.

This new certification enables Flexxbotics to provide a full integration service for machining centers adopting UR cobots or expanding their fleet with Flexxbotics for machine tending.

Flexxbotics solutions featuring its breakthrough FlexxCORE technology, seamlessly connects and coordinates UR cobots with existing automation equipment, IT systems and people for Robot-Driven Manufacturing to achieve Autonomous Process Control.

About Flexxbotics

Flexxbotics workcell digitalization is the backbone of the Smart Factory delivering autonomous process control for next generation machining environments. Flexxbotics SaaS/hybrid solutions enable robot-driven manufacturing at scale. Flexxbotics breakthrough, the FlexxCORE technology, seamlessly connects and coordinates robots with existing automation equipment, IT systems and people.

Visit www.flexxbotics.com to learn more.

About Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a provider of collaborative robots (cobots) used across a wide range of industries and in education. Founded in 2005 with global headquarters in Odense, Denmark, the company has over 20 offices worldwide, including North America headquarters in Novi, MI.

Since introducing the world’s first commercially viable cobot in 2008, Universal Robots has developed a product portfolio reflecting a range of reaches and payloads and has sold over 75,000 cobots worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.universal-robots.com.

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