Degrees Software Releases ViewAQC for Revit 2021

NAPLES, FL, Sep 2, 2020 – 26 Degrees Software has announced the release of ViewAQC for Revit 2021. ViewAQC is a QAQC application designed for referencing and coordinating sheet views from any Revit model into any other Revit model. To date, ViewAQC has been used on tens of millions of square feet (millions of square meters) of multi-model, multi-building BIM projects worldwide, managing and referencing sheet views across models. These views include any drafting or detailing views, 2D or 2.5D plan, section, elevation model views and any 3D model isometric or perspective views. Thus, a reference to a “typical condition” from Model A can be placed into Model B, Model C, Model D and will automatically update as changes occur in Model A’s sheet views. ViewAQC configures project models and cloud configurations with one-touch functionality reducing the time for the download, installation and configuration process of new versions and/or builds.

ViewAQC works in Revit 2019, 2020 & 2021 using any office network environment and with any Autodesk cloud environment such as BIM360 (formerly Collaboration for Revit, or C4R), and Revit Server. ViewAQC also includes a “flexible usage” license format, allowing management of all firm-wide projects from a single license. Out-of-the-box Revit does not have the ability to create references to views from another model. ViewAQC offers this unique functionality, critical to coordinating a large project’s document set by enabling multi-trade project teams to cross-reference views between multiple models. More recent firms that have discovered and use ViewAQC include: DAR, Jacobs, KPF, Parsons, PGAL, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney, Gruen & Associates.

ViewAQC Return on Investment

Revit does not allow the referencing of “typical” sheet views from one model into another. The industry-suggested workflow requires each user working on any multi-model project, to understand how to create “duplicate views & duplicate sheets” per model in order to place “typical project” references. These references are not linked between models and thus all coordination of these references must be done manually. From our 7 years of research, each user spends an estimated minimum of EIGHT hours per month manually managing and coordinating these duplicate views and references. At a billable rate of $50 per hour per user, this equates to $400 per user, per month to maintain this unreliable workflow.

When compared to the alternative workflow outlined above, ViewAQC has client confirmations that it pays for itself in the first 30 days of use, per user,  and provides a coordinated document set of live “linked” references across the multi-model project without the manual coordination effort. The purchase of ViewAQC also includes training, project setup, technical support and the conversion of one set of office graphic-standard references into ViewAQC references. Here are some of the many benefits of using ViewAQC:

  • Updates detail number/sheet number of any view in a Project model automatically in existing references placed across all other project models.
  • Monitors references for broken links, intentional or accidental, and prompts for resolution.
  • Updates to references in project models are logged into Comma Separated Value (.csv) files including date, time, model name, and username.
  • Easily creates customized reports identifying any or all references in a set of documents.  Quickly identify any references that require an update and issuance / re-issuance, based on submission criteria.
  • Enables compilation of a set of vetted details based on best practices to drop into a project (of any size) and immediately begin referencing and customization, saving time and increasing profit.
  • Enables management of all detail components in a single Revit model, reducing maintenance and magnitude of change on large projects.
  • Reduces project model size by not having to store detail component families across multiple models.

About 26 Degrees Software LLC

26 Degrees Software LLC provides comprehensive, project-centric and experience-based BIM software & application services to the global architecture, engineering, construction and operation (AEC&O) market. ViewAQC is a QAQC application designed for referencing and coordinating views across multiple models of a Revit project. It manages and references views from any model into any other model. ViewAQC is compatible with Revit 2019, 2020 & 2021, and supports BIM360 (formerly C4R) and Revit Server. ViewAQC can be used with any 2D, 2.5D, 3D view types & drafting / detailing views. ViewAQC also increases efficiency for projects of all sizes as they approach construction documentation, allowing a set of best practice details to be quickly and easily incorporated and managed.

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