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ATLANTA, GA, June 7, 2024 – cove.tool, a leader in AI-powered sustainability and architecture consulting, introduces This innovative online platform leverages artificial intelligence to transform architectural and design workflows. Slated to launch later in June, offers AI-powered modules that automate essential tasks such as zoning studies, cost estimating, energy benchmarking, and climate analysis. By streamlining complex and time-consuming processes and providing deep, data-driven insights, enhances efficiency and precision, optimizing architectural project management and decision-making.

“This is the first of its kind AI platform designed specifically for the unique demands of architects,” said Patrick Chopson, co-founder and chief product officer at cove.tool. “We want architects to spend their time designing buildings, not pulling data and making them into reports. Our platform enables users to go from an initial thought to a client-ready report in minutes. The AI-guided chat function allows architects to think through exactly what they need for their unique project, and the platform will find a workflow that best fits their detailed request.” leverages cove.tool’s proprietary AI infrastructure and the latest open-source technology, ensuring that the platform not only meets but exceeds the modern architect’s needs. Its analyses are powered by cove.tool’s trusted simulation and analytics engine, used by thousands of architects worldwide. Furthermore, the internal research team continuously updates the platform to ensure the materials, climate, and benchmarking databases remain accurate and up to date.

“Launching aligns with our vision of integrating advanced AI into everyday architectural activities to simplify complex tasks and democratize access to advanced design tools,” said Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder and chief executive officer at cove.tool. “It reflects our commitment to innovation, reliability and transparency, providing architects with clear, science-based solutions to transform building design.”

Optimizing Workflows for Architectural Firms of All Sizes

According to the latest data from The American Institute of Architects, 75% of architecture firms have fewer than ten employees. Meanwhile, 6.5% have 50 or more employees. For firms of all sizes, repetitive, data-intensive manual processes can take up most of the work week, meaning architectural employees have less time to focus on design and innovation for their projects. For the average firm, this can significantly impact productivity and creativity as a limited number of people are doing more work with added complexity.

Understanding these obstacles, cove.tool set out to optimize workflows with its new AI-powered platform. helps automate manual processes, significantly reducing time spent on performing analyses so that architects can prioritize other project-critical tasks. It is built to be dependable and produce consistent and repeatable results that architects can trust – all available in a user-friendly interface.

The specific reports available at launch within the platform are:

  • Zoning Analysis Report: Quickly transform zoning analysis from hours to minutes for any city, leveraging data from key sources, including Municode, to produce comprehensive reports that streamline project feasibility and compliance.
  • Cost Estimating: Provide precise early-stage cost forecasts with LOD 100 detail, rigorously validated against the 2024 National Cost Manual, enhancing budget accuracy and reliability.
  • Energy Benchmarking Study: Simplify energy benchmarking by efficiently comparing your project’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI) to industry standards, yielding clear, actionable insights for energy optimization.
  • Climate Analysis Study: Generate in-depth climate reports offering vital data on temperature, humidity, radiation, and wind, which is crucial for informed architectural planning and design.

The platform ensures that every architectural decision made is backed by robust scientific methods, data analysis, and evidence-based practices.

Accessing the AI Platform will be available for initial use later in June. A free subscription will enable users to generate up to 10 detailed reports per month. A premium version, expected later this year, will offer additional features and unlimited reporting capabilities.

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About cove.tool

cove.tool is an AI-powered sustainability and architecture consulting company that leverages proprietary software and advanced AI to uncover data-driven insights that transform building design and construction. Its streamlined, responsive analysis solutions enable architects, design teams, and building product manufacturers to leverage data for informed decision-making, optimized design outcomes and improved ROI. By fostering trusted and strategic partnerships, cove.tool enhances collaboration among project teams, maximizing architectural and business success while simultaneously championing systemic climate action by driving rapid decarbonization of buildings through simulation.

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