Coordinate Metrology Society Launches 3DMU Learning Portal

The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) announced their newest training asset, 3D Measurement U or simply 3DMU, in partnership with Quality Digest. 3DMU is an online video training resource for the organization, educators, and metrology practitioners. The new resource offers a first wave of informational videos containing best practices, tricks of the trade, and other themes presented by experts in the field who are members of the CMS. Industrial measurement topics include measurement uncertainty, the Unified Spatial Metrology Network, probe compensation, distance meters, theodolites, laser trackers, laser scanners and more. This valuable field of videos will be steadily expanding in 2020 and beyond. 3DMU subscriptions are now available for purchase by individuals and organizations. CMS Members receive special pricing, and student groups can get bundled pricing with deep discounts. Metrologists are invited to register for a day-long test drive of 3DMU at no charge at

The CMS also officially introduces its first 3DMU training program entitled “Dimensional Measurement Solutions.” All training videos are 2 to 4 minutes in length and address a single metrology topic. The training platform is well organized with an easy to manage playlist so users can quickly find the topic they want, when they need it. A noteworthy bonus is the user’s ability to access this information on-demand from the shop floor, at a customer site, or from home.  This valuable video training resource will also help metrologists build their base knowledge in preparation for CMS Level-One and Level-Two Certification assessments.

The CMS continues to add value and content for its membership consisting of novices and experts in the portable and traditional Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) communities. For decades, the society has been shaping, connecting and educating metrology practitioners with a proud tradition of mentorship. The addition of 3DMU will foster a greater understanding of metrology and its influence on industries such as aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, power generation and more. 3DMU will serve as a career-enhancing resource to learn about best practices, hone performance skills, and stay on top of innovative metrology technologies and applications.

About the Coordinate Metrology Society

The Coordinate Metrology Society is comprised of users, service providers, and OEM manufacturers of close-tolerance industrial coordinate measurement systems, software, and peripherals. The metrology systems represented at the annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) include articulated arm CMMs, laser trackers, laser radar, photogrammetry/videogrammetry systems, scanners, indoor GPS and laser projection systems. The Coordinate Metrology Society gathers each year to gain knowledge of the advancements and applications of any measurement system or software solution that produces and uses 3D coordinate data.

For more information on this organization, visit their website at

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