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2023 Excellence in RISA Awards Announced

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA, Nov 28, 2023 – Today, RISA Tech, Inc., a Nemetschek company, announced the winners of the 2023 Excellence in RISA Awards. In the first occurrence of the biennial awards, three winners were chosen using the following criteria:

  • Ability to utilize the structure to solve unique problems
  • Creativity of structural design including unique use of materials and exposed structure
  • Application and use of RISA products in structural design
  • Overall visual presentation

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Wekiva Parkway

Prize of the Jury
Wekiva Parkway (Section 6) – Florida
Construction Technologies & Engineering, Inc.

Wekiva Parkway (Section 6) consists of three balanced cantilever bridges built with form travelers (i.e. self-launching formwork machines that support themselves off the previously built segment to construct the next one). Construction Technologies & Engineering (CTE) was hired by Superior Construction to perform an independent design review of the complex form traveler apparatus. This required an accurate 3D model of the traveler to verify the structural adequacy in multiple situations and to determine the form traveler weight, center of gravity and reactions on the bridge. Overall, the traveler had to be analyzed as one complete, integrated system in order to accurately set the form elevations for each pour.

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South Beach Long Branch

Prize of the Public
South Beach @ Long Branch – New Jersey
Harrison Hamnett Structural Engineers

Designing a new 9-story cast-in-place concrete building brings unique challenges. The multi-family residential structure boasts a two-way slab design, highlighted by spacious cantilevered balconies stretching up to 12 feet and a rooftop pool. The concrete framework rests upon a multi-tiered steel-framed transfer slab positioned above an underground parking level. This transfer slab takes on the added responsibility of supporting an elevated pool slab featuring a sandy beach-style entrance. A distinctive aspect of the design involves a steel structure with an entirely different column grid, a necessity to satisfy the need for slender columns that can be accommodated within the parking zone. This innovative approach ensured the successful integration of the concrete and steel elements, creating a harmonious and functional architectural solution.

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Empyrean Temple

Prize of RISA
Empyrean Temple – Nevada
Rbhu Engineering

The Empyrean Temple, designed by architect Renzo Verbeck, debuted at Burning Man 2022. Comprising of 8-star blade canopies crafted from wood adorned with tessellation lattice, the temple draws from ancient cosmology where the Empyrean symbolized a fiery celestial realm. Its design invites introspection and spiritual exploration for visitors as they traverse its experiential space. The sculpture-cum-architecture melds sacred geometry into a monumental light and shadow compass rose beacon.

Engineers at Rbhu collaborated with Renzo to ensure structural integrity, given the massive yet temporary nature of the installation. The 70-foot-tall wooden structure features an overarching compression ring supporting the 55-foot canopy and flame. The canopies, resembling star blades, transition from solid to open lattice, embodying energy release. Empyrean Temple embodies profound symbolism in a transient architectural masterpiece, evoking spiritual connections at Burning Man.

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About RISA

Deep practical experience and understanding of structural engineering combined with the ability to create and support cutting-edge software has led 24 of the 25 top design firms in the country to choose RISA for structural design software since 1987. RISA’s suite of solutions and tools ensure safety and efficiency while also enabling innovation in the design and construction of structures large and small worldwide.

In 2017, RISA became part of the Nemetschek Group, joining other leading companies including Bluebeam, SDS2 and SCIA. Nemetschek is keenly focused on providing end-to-end engineering solutions as part of its commitment to cover the entire life cycle of buildings and the construction process – from analysis, design and detailing through visualization and building management.

In 2020, RISA expanded its engineering offerings with the acquisition of ADAPT. ADAPT has been a market leader in the design of post-tensioned concrete structures for over 40 years. The integration of RISA and ADAPT provides users with a comprehensive, all-material design solution.

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