Newforma Announces Konekt OpenBIM Email Integration

BOSTON, MA, July 10, 2024 – Newforma, the leader in information management software, announces the world’s first integration of email communication directly with the buildingSMART International openBIM format, an open international process supporting accessible, sustainable collaboration for all project participants. This breakthrough for the global architecture, engineering, construction, and owner-operator (AECO) industry allows a seamless transition of project discussion and decision-making from a single siloed inbox to the collaborative BIM environment.

The groundbreaking update to Newforma Konekt ushers in a new era of integrated project delivery by empowering users to convert email threads into actionable BCF issues; ensure all project stakeholders are on the same page with real-time updates; and streamline workflows by connecting discussions to 3D models and project plans.

“We’re thrilled to announce Newforma’s groundbreaking integration of the AECO industry’s number one communication method, email, with the BuildingSMART BCF standard,” said Carl Veillette, chief product officer for Newforma. “This is an achievement that sets a new benchmark in our industry. Our innovative solution Newforma Konekt has the unique ability to turn emails into actionable tasks, issues, and action items and locate them in BIM. This not only enhances productivity but also brings a new level of clarity and organization to project management. Furthermore, our Outlook add-in facilitates the creation of comprehensive project records, a crucial feature that significantly mitigates risks and improves project knowledge transfer between team members. We believe these advancements will revolutionize the way our industry communicates and collaborates, and we’re excited to lead the way.”

Enhanced features of the Newforma Konekt openBIM integration allow users to:

  • Transform email communications into actionable BCF issues that can be tracked and managed within the BIM environment.
  • Provide all project stakeholders with the most up-to-date information so that everyone is on the same page at any point in the project life cycle.
  • Connect discussions to 3D models and project plans, bringing communication into the same workflows as the rest of the project.

The Newforma Konekt integration of email into openBIM supports a wide range of authoring software, including Revit, Archicad, Civil3d, AutoCAD and Tekla Structures, making it easier than ever to raise, track, and resolve issues from the design phase to onsite execution.

Founded in 2004, Newforma has been dedicated to empowering AECO companies with the means for connecting their people to the information they need. As a leader in information management, the company has made accessing information and generating an easily searchable complete project record simple. Over the past two decades, Newforma has grown to help over 1,200 AECO firms in 40 countries manage data on 4.6 million projects.

About Newforma Konekt

Newforma, an Ethos Capital portfolio company, is a leading provider of information management and collaboration software for the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, and owner) industry. Newforma powers collaborative project delivery for AECO teams by enabling them to locate, organize, report, and act on project information, effortlessly. With over 500,000 users in more than 1,200 firms worldwide, Newforma is trusted by professionals globally to streamline communication, simplify administration, and enable real-time collaboration.

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