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CADSoftTools Releases CADEditorX 15

TULA, Russia, Nov 23, 2022 – CADSoftTools has announced CADEditorX 15. This version of the CAD ActiveX component is better, faster, and more reliable. And it is packed with new features and tools.

What’s new in CADEditorX 15?

  • Improved performance:
    • improved work with large files;
    • speeded up navigation;
    • speeded up opening of 3D files and interaction with their structure.
  • Replacement of the Open Cascade Technology by their own 3D kernel:
    • speeded up opening of 3D files;
    • improved reading of SAT, SLDPRT, X_T, X_B, OBJ formats;
    • added support for FSAT, SAB, SMT, IPT, IFC formats;
    • added export to SAT and SAB formats;
    • improved export of STEP, OBJ, DWG, DXF formats.
  • Improved DWG/DXF to G-code generation:
    • capability to convert of entities only from visible layers;
    • conversion of points;
    • setting of absolute coordinates for I and J;
    • generation of a G-code compatible with the dispensing CNC machine (Skyglass);
    • generation of a G-code compatible with the Grbl controller.
  • New feature—Layout Detector.
  • New editing tools and features:
    • 3D Point measuring tool;
    • Auto Dimension tool;
    • Cloud tool;
    • capability to remove clipping in raster images and inserts;
    • setting enabling to configure the default operator in Quick Select;
    • setting enabling to select OLE objects and images by their contour;
    • setting enabling to select entities on locked layers.
  • Improved import of DWG and DXF formats:
    • improved support for МTexts and Texts;
    • improved support for Hatches;
    • improved display of SHX fonts;
    • improved support for ACIS objects;
    • improved support for Dimensions and Multileaders;
    • improved reading of VPort and drawing extents.
  • Improved export of DWG and DXF formats:
    • added saving of ACIS objects;
    • improved saving of VPort.
    • Improved display of vector formats (DWF, HPGL, CGM, SVG).
  • Improved interaction with the 3D model structure:
    • speeded up interaction with the structure;
    • added the Extended structure setting;
    • added modes for selection of 3D model elements.
  • Improved navigation in the 3D Viewer mode:
    • object selection in accordance with the transparency;
    • rotation around the center of the selected object;
    • fitting to the viewing area in accordance with the 3D model elements visibility.
  • Improved export and printing of PDF format:
    • added print styles for setting lineweight and color by color.
  • Improved export of SVG format:
    • improved export of texts and hatches.
  • Bug fixes.

Download the latest version of CADEditorX and try it out right now. It is free for 45 days.



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About CADSoftTools

Founded in 2000 CADSoftTools – Soft Gold Ltd. develops software products for industrial and construction drawings. The company offers a wide range of products from ready applications to libraries for developers. CADSoftTools cooperates with a large number of companies worldwide including Samsung, Hitachi Power Europe and others.

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Autodesk Q3 Revenue Up 4% to $1.28B with $198M Profit

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nov 23, 2022 – Autodesk, Inc. reported financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2023. This quarter’s revenue stood at $1,280M, 3.5% up compared to $1,237M of second quarter of fiscal 2023, with a profit of $198M.

Comparative analysis based on Autodesk’s financial results in the last 12 quarters (Result source Autodesk website)

Comparative analysis based on Autodesk’s financial results in the last 12 quarters (Result source Autodesk website)

“We recently announced Autodesk Fusion, Forma, and Flow, our three industry clouds, which will connect data, teams and workflows in the cloud on our trusted platform,” said Andrew Anagnost, Autodesk president and CEO. “Increasing our engineering velocity, moving data from files to the cloud, and expanding our third-party ecosystem, will enable Autodesk to further increase customer value by delivering even greater efficiency and sustainability.”

“In a more challenging macroeconomic environment, Autodesk performed in line with our expectations in the third quarter, excluding the impact of in-quarter currency movements on revenue. Subscription renewal rates remained strong, as did our competitive performance,” said Debbie Clifford, Autodesk CFO. “Our fiscal 23 revenue, margin, and earnings per share guidance remains close to the previous mid-points at constant exchange rates and comfortably within our prior guidance ranges. Our lower billings and free cash flow guidance primarily reflect less demand for multi-year, up-front and more demand for annual contracts than we expected.”

A complete chart of the financial results is available here.

About Autodesk

Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Their technology spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small. From greener buildings to smarter products to more mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software helps their customers to design and make a better world for all.

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Dassault Appoints Chief Sustainability Officer

VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France, Nov 21, 2022 – Dassault Systèmes announced that Philippine de T’Serclaes has been appointed chief sustainability officer. She will lead the company’s sustainability engagement and drive the development of its portfolio & business deployment. The announcement was made on the occasion of the COP27 conference.

Philippine de T’Serclaes brings 20 years of international experience to Dassault Systèmes, having worked in strategic, executive and senior advisory roles related to business transformation, financing the energy transition, blockchain, energy efficiency, the new energy world and innovation.

Before joining Dassault Systèmes, she spent nearly a decade at Schneider Electric, most recently as senior executive, global vice president – Strategic Partnerships. During this time, she initiated and ran solutions and platforms for strategic customers as well as digital, institutional, financial and academic partners at a global level. Prior to this, she worked in finance at Rothschild, J.P. Morgan and the OECD/International Energy Agency, where she was Senior Finance Advisor – Energy Efficiency and Environment Division. There, she founded the Energy Efficiency Finance Action Network, a platform for increased public-private partnerships in energy efficiency and clean technology financing.

Philippine de T’Serclaes has authored numerous publications and speaks regularly at major conferences that have included the World Economic Forum, Davos, Sustainable Energy Week, Al Gore’s Advisors Summit, and Asia Clean Energy Forum. She currently serves as a board member of the think tank BSI Economics. Philippine de T’Serclaes earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from McGill University in Montreal, a Master of Science degree in law and finance from the London School of Economics, and a Ph.D. in economics from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

“At Dassault Systemes, sustainability is at the core of our purpose to harmonize product, nature and life. In line with the Paris Agreement and our recent COP27 Action Climate Declaration and ‘All In’ statement, we have a clear strategy towards carbon neutrality by 2040 and we plan on achieving two-thirds of our new revenues through sustainable solutions by 2025. By serving more than 300,000 clients worldwide, Dassault Systèmes stands as a unique partner to enable the sustainable transformation of the 11 industries we serve. I trust Philippine will have a significant impact in helping us achieve this ambition,” said Florence Verzelen, executive vice president, industry, marketing and sustainability, Dassault Systèmes. “Philippine’s deep experience in business transformation, energy and climate change will allow her to drive the development of our sustainable portfolio and foster Dassault Systèmes’ recognition as the reference in sustainable innovation.”

About Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company, is a catalyst for human progress. They provide business and people with collaborative virtual environments to imagine sustainable innovations. By creating ‘virtual twin experiences’ of the real world with 3DEXPERIENCE platform and applications, our customers push the boundaries of innovation, learning and production.

Dassault Systèmes’ 20,000 employees are bringing value to more than 300,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries.

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KISTERS 3DViewStation Supports MBD Processes

for Drawing-Free Work

SACRAMENTO, CA, Nov 9, 2022 – Although conventional 2D drawings are still standard in suppliers’ production processes, making the leap into the 3D world with KISTERS 3DViewStation can eliminate costly delays and vastly improve product quality. For instance, when preparing quotations, drawings must be read carefully in order to estimate the production effort and calculate the most competitive price possible. But the OEM manufacturing industry is all about highly complex products, where faulty documentation processes and ambiguities cause avoidable extra costs and delays.

To overcome these challenges, KISTERS 3DViewStation supports Model Based Definition (MBD) processes – which means that all production-relevant product information is stored in the digital 3D model right from the start. MBD makes the 3D CAD model the source authority, also called 3D master. 3DViewStation supports the use of annotated 3D CAD models and visualizes annotations on the source file quickly and easily. For all processes downstream of design – from sales and work preparation to quality assurance.

“A good 3D viewer can semantically read and display the 3D annotations in the CAD model,” explained Jim Eardly, US sales director for KISTERS. “The 3DViewStation visualizes these as an alternative to the drawing in a particularly clear and efficient way. These can be, for example, annotations, exploded views, parts lists, sections, surface information or tolerances.”

The KISTERS viewer also supports the reading of PMI (product manufacturing information) from numerous sources such as CATIA, Creo, NX, JT, STEP as well as 2D PDFs with attached JT. In addition, you can create your own 3D annotations or markups and save them again in 3DVS, JT, STEP (AP242), 3D-PDF, 2D-PDF. Different revision levels can be easily compared/ Own markups such as lines, texts or position number graphics can be added and these can be saved again as PMI in KISTERS’ own format 3DVS or neutral formats such as STEP or JT. All capabilities of 3DViewStation can be used either independently or in conjunction with a leading system.

With the 3DViewStation, it is possible to involve more employees in the collaborative working environment of manufacturing companies, which was previously only reserved for engineers with expensive CAD systems, Eardly noted. “By using MBD and the corresponding visualization with the KISTERS 3DViewStation, it is possible to map an efficient documentation process without having to generate additional drawings,” he said. “In this way, work processes can be accelerated, accuracy improved, and the manufacture of complex products made more efficient. Minimizing the risk of errors leads to increased productivity and reduced costs.”

Known for its modern user-interface, high performance viewing, advanced analysis and integration capabilities into leading systems, 3DViewStation ships with current and mature importers for a broad range of 3D and 2D formats including CATIA, NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge, Inventor, Revit, JT, 3D-PDF, STEP, DWG, DXF, DWF, MS Office and many more.

The latest developments of 3DViewStation can be reviewed in more detail at:

According to Eardly, KISTERS 3DViewStation is continuously enhanced in response to customer needs and requirements. It is available as Desktop, VR-Edition and HTML5 WebViewer product versions plus the online collaboration tool VisShare. All product flavors are intended to be used together with a PLM, ERP or other management system product configuration or service and spare part applications, providing all necessary APIs. For cloud, portal and web solutions, there is an HTML5-based WebViewer solution available, which does not require client installation. All file formats can be used in combination with the intelligent navigation and hyperlinking features to address the needs of complex integration scenarios.


With more than 25 years of success in the market as a provider of superior visualization solutions from desktop to mobile, KISTERS has become one of the top players in the visualization industry. The company’s clients range from small firms to well-known multinationals, comprising more than 3,000 customers and over 200,000 installations worldwide. The 3DViewStation’s easy-to-use interface is suitable for all user groups and 100% customizable to everyone’s specific requirements. In addition, KISTERS offers expert advice and support in concept development based on client requirements.

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