Bright Machines Launches Brightware Studio

for Factory Automation

Bright Machines has announced the launch of Brightware Studio, a new software offering that liberates manufacturers from the constraints of traditional factory automation and introduces a new self-service capability that enables flexible automation at greater speed and lower cost.

Brightware Studio provides additional functionality to the Bright Machines Microfactory – the company’s flagship solution which combines intelligent software and modular building blocks to automate repetitive assembly and inspection tasks. Based on a modern, low/no code workflow, Brightware Studio is operated using an intuitive user interface, giving production line operators and technicians the ability to easily program, run, analyze and debug the assembly process on the factory floor.

New features include:

Functionality that empowers everyone in the factory:

  • “Self-serve” process optimization: Once a Bright Machines Microfactory is deployed to a customer facility, onsite operators and technicians can use Brightware Studio to easily make changes or add steps to the line – including reconfiguring assembly instructions or adjusting device settings – to ensure an optimal production process from start to finish.
  • Reduced vendor dependency: Unlike traditional automation, Brightware Studio’s self-service capabilities means manufacturers are no longer reliant on the support of technical experts, system integrators, or other automation vendors to make changes, thereby improving their ability to respond to market changes and increase the overall efficiency of their lines.
  • Advanced customization: Within the unified dashboard, users can set up customized warnings, alerts, and diagnostics to tailor their automation experience.

Smart automation that is up and running in minutes:

  • Seamlessly integrated with microfactories: Bright Machines Microfactories will now come pre-integrated with Brightware Studio, which incorporates standard assembly skills that can be used to reprogram lines and accommodate product changes.
  • Line monitoring without downtime: With Brightware Studio, customers can view their equipment status, track key performance indicators, set up alerts and notifications, customize data visualizations and more.  Unlike with traditional automation deployments, Brightware Studio works from day one, as all of the integration work associated with data collection, data modeling, semantic mapping, and data visualization has already been done upfront.
  • Standardized user experience: Brightware Studio’s intuitive user interface and easy-to-use controls reduce the need for training and enable operators to manage other Brightware Studio lines with ease.

Brightware Studio is a subscription-based offering that is available on all new Bright Machines Microfactories.

About Bright Machines

Headquartered in San Francisco, Bright Machines leverages computer vision, machine learning, 3D simulation, and robotics to fundamentally change the flexibility scalability, and economics of production. With more than 550 employees worldwide, Bright Machines operates R&D centers in the US and Israel, with additional field operations in North America, Central America, Southeast Asia and EMEA.

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