Bridgit Introduces Workforce Planning for Preconstruction Teams

TORONTO, Canada, Aug 29, 2023 – Bridgit, the industry leader in construction workforce planning technology, announced the introduction of its Preconstruction Module for Bridgit Bench. The Preconstruction Module was designed to provide better support, visibility, and to help preconstruction leaders plan their people more effectively across their entire project pipeline.

The Preconstruction Module brings a new level of ease and flexibility to workforce planning for preconstruction teams, giving preconstruction managers a clear line of sight into the estimating, budgeting, and bidding tasks their preconstruction team has been assigned to. By incorporating preconstruction team planning into Bridgit Bench, company leaders also gain an instant overview of their people, how preconstruction tasks are progressing, and their overall utilization rate.

“This Precon Module is the first of its kind – workforce planning exclusively for preconstruction teams,” says the CEO of Bridgit, Mallorie Brodie. “Our customers can now monitor each task, respective projects, and the utilization rate for their entire preconstruction team. By understanding which projects and tasks are in flight, preconstruction teams can create balanced workloads and ensure designs and estimates receive the attention they deserve.”

The Preconstruction Module features its own section in each and every project, separate from active project operations, and helps ensure preconstruction and ops teams can stay focused on their specific tasks. The module also allows for the creation of custom tasks, supporting the diverse needs of different projects.

Because of the improved pipeline visibility, the new module promotes seamless handoffs from preconstruction to operations at the right time. The Preconstruction Module in Bridgit Bench is now available. More details can be found on the Bridgit website.

One of the first adopters of the Precon Module, Power Construction out of Chicago Il, are thankful for Bridgit’s collaborative approach to the development of Bridgit Bench. “The new Preconstruction Module with Bridgit is a great step forward for managing our staff. The introduction of Tasks in lieu of Phases has made it much easier to make changes and the process is less time consuming,” explains Power VP of Preconstruction, John Spencer. “We have really appreciated Bridgit’s listening ear that has solved for Preconstruction specific staffing issues like improved Gantt Chart visualizations and drag-and-drop role assignments. The way Bridgit has worked with us made us feel like we were co-developing the software. They really do listen to the customer’s needs.”

About Bridgit

Bridgit’s mission is simple — to help the construction industry maximize profits by taking a people-first approach. Workforce Intelligence from Bridgit transforms workforce data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. Bridgit is a privately held company, having raised over $43.5 million CAD in equity financing, with capital from investors such as Autodesk, BDC Capital’s Women in Technology Venture Fund, Camber Creek, Export Development Canada, IAF, Nine Four Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Sands Capital, StandUp Ventures, Storm Ventures, and Vanedge Capital.

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