Blue Ocean Introduces Skema for BIM 2.0 Design Automation

ATLANTA, GA, May 19, 2023 – Blue Ocean Sustainability, a lab-to-market software solutions provider, officially launched its next-generation BIM solution. The two-tiered software application includes the Skema cloud-based 3D conceptual design tool for architects and designers, and the Kreo Design platform for architecture firms. Together they form the first BIM knowledge reuse engine.

Skema takes architects through massing, blocking and stacking, and sustainability analysis, and all the way through to BIM LOD 350 data for design development

Skema for Conceptual and Generative Design

More than 2,000 architects and engineers have already been introduced to Skema through the Spring 2023 Sustainability Challenge, a bite-sized learning series produced by Green Building Education Services (GBES). These designers have seen how Skema performs urban design, site assessment and massing studies, and sustainability analysis, easily generating multiple options with different massing alternatives in one project.

“Designers need the ability to do analysis and iterate decisions in an agile and systematic way, and data-driven BIM 2.0 tools can help them improve their productivity,” said Martin Rozmanith, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Blue Ocean. “With the generative design capabilities of Skema, architects can conduct engineering simulations at the conceptual level and compare multiple options in a fluid manner. It helps them make more qualified decisions.”

Skema Systematizes the Design Process

Skema is able to take the data created in the conceptual stage and move it forward through design development into construction drawings in a way that works for an architect’s office. Its unique capabilities include:

  • Creates multiple uses/solves
  • Proforma metrics analysis for building design at the site and building level
  • Building layout concept catalogs can use a firm’s Revit data as inputs
  • Produces blocking-stacking and Level of Development (LOD) 350 data and designs in Revit
  • Methodology is extensible to all building types
  • Output data fully editable in Revit for construction drawings

Full Revit Integration Maintains a Firm’s Investment

As a lab-to-market software partner, Blue Ocean is working with select design firms to deliver BIM LOD 350-as-a-service through the combination of Skema with the Kreo Design platform.

These firms are partnering with Blue Ocean to transform from file-based processes to data-driven workflows while maintaining their significant investment in Revit.

The integrated solution provides a data-driven workflow to automate 50+ percent of a floor plan layout. It produces a higher LOD building that contains a firm’s own Revit families, types, and assemblies.

In addition, Skema’s integrated proforma metrics help designers optimize the project based on owner requirements.

Integrated Decarbonization Strategies

As the building industry heeds the call for decarbonization strategies, new technologies, processes, methods, and mindsets must forge together to create a comprehensive approach to driving widespread adoption of sustainable practices. Blue Ocean Co-founder Charlie Cichetti is applying his leadership in green building rating systems, energy modeling, and sustainability education to the development of tools that radically improve project sustainability.

“Too often, sustainability goals are overlooked,” said Charlie Cichetti, CEO of Blue Ocean. “Blue Ocean aims to help designers improve a building’s carbon footprint, whether that’s at the schematic phase or in later stage design development, which previously would have been cost prohibitive. Because these advanced technologies and tools provide embodied & operational carbon feedback during each design phase, architects and designers can more easily incorporate sustainable elements in designs that meet their owner’s goals.”

Blue Ocean Founders

The founders of Blue Ocean combine their expertise in software, architecture, and green building practices to deliver solutions that help architecture firms transform their business models and practice. They include Martin Rozmanith, one of the creators of Revit; Kristina Bach, AIA, President of Blue Ocean and former USGBC LEED reviewer; and Charlie Cichetti, LEED Fellow, who co-founded four companies in the built environment: Sustainable Investment Group (SIG), GBES, Aetos Imaging, and Blue Ocean Sustainability.

Blue Ocean partnered with Kreo Software, a London-based software development company, to bring Skema and Kreo Design to the market.

About Blue Ocean Sustainability

Blue Ocean Sustainability partners with architects, designers, contractors, and building owners to develop lab-to-market solutions to radically improve project sustainability and future-enable their businesses. From tracking the full carbon footprint of a building to helping firms harvest their existing BIM knowledge, Blue Ocean is always thinking ahead to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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