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Allplan_logoMUNICH, Germany, June 9, 2015 – Allplan, the leading European vendor of building information modeling (BIM) solutions, is presenting the new version of its BIM software for architects and engineers today. Equipped with powerful tools, Allplan 2016 increases flexibility in 3D modeling and supports efficient and intuitive workflows. One of the highlights is the integration of the Parasolid software 3D modeling kernel developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business. It gives users greater freedom and precision in creating volume and surface models, as well as in modeling of engineering works. With many improvements to the user interface, the new version also ensures smooth workflows.


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“Our customers face the challenge of designing and constructing increasingly sophisticated structures with ever more demanding time and cost pressures. We want to help them realize their creative and innovative concepts” says Dr. Jörg Rahmer, general manager of Allplan. “With Allplan 2016, we have a powerful piece of technology at our disposal. Integration of the Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens PLM Software is an important milestone in the consistent further development of Allplan in the areas of modeling and visualization. As the leading vendor of BIM solutions, our efficient workflows allow our customers to implement their BIM projects and help them provide greater transparency and cost security in design,” Rahmer continues.

Highlights of Allplan Architecture 2016:

New 3D kernel for free-form solids

With the integration of the Parasolid 3D modeling kernel from Siemens PLM Software, Allplan is matching the general trend towards increasingly free-form solids in modern architecture. In practice, this means that architects need design software that they can use to create freeform solids down to the last detail and integrate with the design process. The new 3D kernel in Allplan Architecture 2016 provides a new level of flexibility and precision when creating these structures: The new version makes it easier to modify 3D objects and improves the representation quality in the animation window.

Object Navigator for structured model data

To maintain a clear overview, especially when designing complex structures, the data of the virtual building model must be well structured. The new Object Navigator in Allplan Architecture 2016 provides a clear representation of all the components of a model. Elements or element groups can be targeted specifically for display, modification, or resorting. The Object Navigator facilitates both the control and correction of BIM models, as well as collaboration on the BIM model.

Visualization functions for perfect rendering

Allplan Architecture 2016 meets the growing demand for ever more perfect renderings for communication between the architect and the client through enhanced visualization functions. The integrated CineRender from Maxon, that was first brought onto the market within the framework of the Allplan 30-year edition, has been expanded to include Ambient Occlusion. The function represents indirect light and shadow conditions particularly realistically. The white model feature enables users to disable materials and textures with a single click to create an abstract visualization based on a pure white architecture model.

Integrated customer wishes

The wishes of the customers were also of paramount importance during development of the new version: Architectural users benefit from an improved workflow with the option to arrange design windows across multiple screens (multi-display support). Allplan libraries have been improved with regard to ease of use. Other additions include two new SmartPart objects for skylights and lift doors, enabling the creation of more individual and effective models and designs.


Allplan Architecture 2016 and the free 30-day trial version are now available for download.

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The most important innovations in Allplan Engineering 2016:

New 3D kernel for solid modeleing precision

With the newly integrated Parasolid 3D modeling kernel from Siemens PLM Software, Allplan Engineering 2016 supports engineers in free-form modeling. In the new version, you can now create free-form shapes down to the last detail and integrate them with your design process. Increased accuracy in the 3D model improves the quality of the design. 3D bodies are easier to modify because polygons are no longer created when drawing free-form shapes. The quality of representation in the animation window is also improved, resulting in an improved “look and feel” for 3D modeling.

Object Navigator for an improved overview

The trend towards increasingly complex construction projects means that civil engineers must have a high level of control over the virtual building model. The new Object Navigator in Allplan 2016 enables users to meet this challenge: It provides a compact, clear representation of all components of a virtual building model with targeted visibility control of elements or element groups and easy-to-use modification options for element information. The elements are also easy to restructure. The Object Navigator supports flexible cooperation between all project members.

Improved reinforcement functions

Precision, efficiency and speed are the key factors for success in an engineering office. Direct modification is an efficient way to optimize work processes. Changes are made directly to the model with no need for the user to switch to the corresponding dialog. In Allplan Engineering 2016, direct modification of placements has been improved: Placements can now be easily divided and changed. In this version, parameters such as bar diameter, number of bars or spacing are edited directly in the placement.

User wishes taken into account

With added improvements, Allplan Engineering 2016 meets the wishes of its users: The “Section Along Any Path” function is fully associative in the new version. This means: Upon modification of a component, the already placed section is updated automatically.

Multi-display support in Allplan Engineering 2016 allows users to arrange design viewports on several screens. This allows users to position the model currently being edited on the main screen, while further design viewports such as sections, views and animations are positioned on additional screens.

Feet and inches, the U. units of measure, have been integrated in Allplan Engineering 2016. The user interface is also available in Chinese for the first time.


Allplan Engineering 2016 and the free 30-day trial version are now available for download.

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About Allplan

Allplan, with head office in Munich, is one of Europe’s leading providers of building information modeling (BIM) solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group, Allplan develops powerful IT solutions for architects, civil engineers, construction companies, and facility managers. The core product Allplan offers flexible and efficient tools for seamless planning and realization of visionary architecture and innovative engineering products. Allplan is currently in use in 19 different languages worldwide. It covers all application levels of a BIM-based CAD system: from straightforward 2D drawings to 3D models including quantity and cost calculation. Allplan also supports the Open BIM initiative and the IFC standard to ensure interoperability during the entire construction process.

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