Tahoe Design Ships HYDROFLO 3 for Piping System Design

NEVADA, CA, Mar 30, 2015 – Tahoe Design Software announced the release of HYDROFLO 3. Since it’s introduction more than 20 years ago, HYDROFLO has developed a vast following of piping engineers and fluid conveyance system designers along with many collegiate engineering instructors and students. Pumped, gravity and re-circulating flow systems, conveying any type of liquid, can be modeled and solved for their steady-state flows and pressures. This new version expands system capacities, provides additional editing features and improves analysis results and pump curve plotting.

033015_TahoeHYDROFLO 3 owes its popularity to it’s unique vertical hydraulic grade line workspace where piping system designers visually observe component elevations and residual pressure heads. Designers can drop hydraulic elements onto this workspace and build systems that model existing or proposed pipelines. All types of hydraulic modeling components are available for use including pipes, pumps, fittings, valves, control valves, flow vs. head devices, tanks, supply points and gauges. Once a model is built, new editing tools can be used to alter the system and investigate various operational scenarios. Users can perform large scale system manipulation by capturing, tagging, deleting, copying and moving elements. The powerful Group Editor can perform editing of large numbers of components with a single command.

The new Pipe Schedule Editor enables the creation, editing, importing and exporting of pipe schedules using both standard English and metric/SI nominal diameters. Solution statistics are provided to gauge a solution’s accuracy and it’s convergence stability along with solution suggestions, when needed. Source and discharge points can now be used at the ends of branch lines, providing network behavior analysis. Numerous example problems are provided to illustrate conveyance design concepts and serve as design templates.

HYDROFLO can communicate with PumpBase, their pump selection software. Once HYDROFLO determines a pump’s operating parameters, the data can be sent to PumpBase for selecting optimal pumps. PumpBase can then send the selected pump curves back to HYDROFLO for use in a conveyance system design.

The Academic version of HYDROFLO 3 is free to educators and students for non-commercial educational use. HYDROFLO is International and Unicode compliant, offers all standard English and metric/SI units and uses Windows Localization formats. HYDROFLO 3 is available for free trial evaluation at www.tahoesoft.com. Introductory pricing is available for a limited time.

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