Progman Releases MagiCAD v2015.11 for MEP Design

MagiCAD_logoTURKU, Finland, Dec 1, 2015 – Progman Oy has released a new version of the MEP design software MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD. The new release 2015.11 introduces extensive BIM collaboration options and many new time saving functions for MEP design. MagiCAD 2015.11 supports Revit MEP 2016-2015, AutoCAD 2016-2012, as well as the verticals AutoCAD MEP 2016-2012 and AutoCAD Architecture 2016-2012.

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MagiCAD 2015.11 for AutoCAD enhances BIM project collaboration, extends MEP design functionalities and introduces new data-rich product classes, including shunt groups and lighting tracks. The new version enables easy and efficient project packaging for exporting projects with all the relevant files, including DWG, EPJ, QPD, LIN, MEP and MRD. The version 2015.11 also offers voltage drop calculations in electrical design and improved sizing options for rectangular ducts in ventilation design. The user can also switch between alternative units of measurement within the SI system directly from the project settings.

MagiCAD 2015.11 for Revit brings new levels of intelligence and ease of use to ventilation, piping and electrical design, and improves collaboration and information exchange in BIM projects. The new version introduces automated export of multiple IFC files in user-defined batches, improved information exchange in BIM projects with BCFzip file export and import, a second-generation Provision for Voids (Builder’s Work) tool, a new version of the Provision for Voids Manager plugin for Autodesk Revit, as well as pressure drop calculations and duct system balancing features for ventilation design. MagiCAD for Revit also introduces IFC import of MagiCAD for AutoCAD models into MagiCAD for Revit for design coordination purposes.

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The new release also sees significant steps forward in the development of MagiCAD for Revit, as it begins the process of introducing support for select new market-specific calculation standards. In the 2015.11 release, this process moves forward by adding refined support for the UK market. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) calculation guidelines can now be customised for use within the software options in order to size and balance all ductwork and piping systems.

MagiCAD 2015.11 also enhances sprinkler network design options on both Revit and AutoCAD technologies by introducing support for displaying both the operating point on the pump curve (i.e. design pump flow) and the theoretical operating point on the system curve, as well as for performing calculations in systems where fire hydrants are connected directly to the sprinkler network. In addition to this, MagiCAD for Revit further introduces calculations using the Darcy-Weisbach equation for high-velocity flows, as well as an automated routing tool for connecting multiple sprinkler heads to the system with a couple of mouse clicks.

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MagiCAD enables MEP design using Europe’s largest product model database, featuring over one million actual products from leading manufacturers across the world. Each model within the database comes complete with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data. MagiCAD offers localisation for different country-specific standards, and it is used by numerous major contractors and designers in a variety of projects across the world.

About MagiCAD

The MEP BIM software MagiCAD is the Northern Europe’s leading building services design, engineering and calculation software. With more than 18,000 licenses in use in over 50 countries, MagiCAD has a solid track record from thousands of successful HVAC and electrical design projects worldwide. MagiCAD includes the world’s largest database of intelligent 3D product models, featuring over one million products with accurate technical data from leading international manufacturers. MagiCAD is developed by Progman Oy, a Finnish software company with over 30 years of experience in developing solutions for the international building services industry. Since 2014, Progman Oy is part of the Glodon Group, China’s leading construction software group.

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