MC Machinery Partners with InspecVision Planar US

MC Machinery Systems is now a partner with InspecVision Planar US. The Planar inspection system is automated 2D inspection system and represents the next generation of precision metrology.

Planar customers range from small job shops to multibillion-dollar turnover companies covering almost every industry that uses sheet metal such as electronics & communication industries, automotive and aerospace. The system can be used for very quickly measuring or reverse engineering flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and waterjet cutting systems, as well as punched and some stamped parts.

Available in a range of sizes and accuracies, the InspecVision Planar can be installed on the factory floor and is easy for shop floor staff to operate, helping to cut expensive inspection bottlenecks. With the addition of the OptiScan 3D, the system offers unparalleled non-contact 3D inspection capacity.

To learn more about the InspecVision Planar product line and its features, please click here.

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