LMI Ships Gocator 2320 All-In-One 3D Sensor for Small Parts

LMIlogoVANCOUVER, Canada, Mar 17, 2015 – LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, announced the official release of the Gocator 2320 Profile Sensor and an update to Gocator’s Firmware. The 2320 is the latest addition to the Gocator 2300 series of smart, all-in-one 3D sensors and features high resolution, high accuracy, and an expandable field of view, all in a thin industrial housing. Gocator Firmware 4.1 adds new features such as rich filtering, material selection, countersunk hole measurement, and improved visualization for displacement sensors.


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“The new G2320 combined with version 4.1 of the on-board measurement tools brings a new level of price and performance to electronics manufacturers without sacrificing the ease-of-use that the entire Gocator line has become known for,” said Len Chamberlain, LMI’s director of sales.

The Gocator 2320 produces highly accurate and repeatable results to meet the demanding standards of the electronics assembly line. The sensor’s narrow housing also allows it to be mounted in tight spaces so OEMs and System Integrators can easily integrate it into inspection machines already crowded with other devices and equipment. The Gocator 2320 also has the built-in ability to mount multiple sensors side-by-side, expanding the field of view as many times as needed. And like all Gocator sensors, the 2320 comes in a robust industrial IP67 rated housing, with an intuitive experience that is unmatched in the 3D sensor market.

“Unlike the top products in the industry, the Gocator 2320 provides a larger field of view and higher resolution throughout the measurement range, giving manufacturers the flexibility to integrate the sensor into tight spaces while maintaining repeatability and accuracy requirements,” adds Chi Ho Ng, LMI’s director of product management.

The upgrade to Gocator Firmware from version 4.0 to 4.1 improves process optimization with the addition of rich filtering for removing noise and outliers from sensor data; material selection for achieving the best possible data on targets with challenging material surfaces; a new Countersunk Hole Tool to measure center position, depth, outside diameter, bevel angle; and improved visualization for displacement sensors including range and intensity data.

The Gocator 2320 is available for order today. For more information on the Gocator 2320 visit this page, or watch the Gocator 2320 product video to see the sensor in action.

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As the OEM-focused 3D scanning and inspection leader, LMI Technologies is dedicated to developing easy-to-use solutions that increase productivity and profitability for our customers. LMI is shaping the industry with world-class 3D scanning and inspection solutions. Their globally recognized product line includes Gocator All-In-One 3D Smart Sensors, HDI 3D Scanning Systems, MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology Systems, and chroma+scan 3D Log and Board Sensors. For more information, visit lmi3d.com.

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